Maus a Survivor's Tale; Mona Jubran

Timeline created by Mona Jubran
  • He Married Anja

    He Married Anja
    he had a bad relationship with another woman and his cousin told him about a woman named Anja. Once he spoke to Anja he knew she was the one. It relates to my theme because he was living his best life and he married the love of his life but things got worse, he still persisted through and survived the war. He used to hook up with women and have bad relationships with people but after he married her he became a better person
  • His first son was born

    His first son was born
    Shortly after he married Anja he had his first son named Richieu. Richieu was a big baby he weighed 29 pounds. He now knew that he had to change his mindset and start caring about another person in his life. He became more father-like and cared for his child. It relates to the theme because he struggled to care for another life but he pushed through and took care of him even when the Nazis came
  • when they first saw discrimination towards Jews

    when they first saw discrimination towards Jews
    it was the beginning of 1938 and they had driven by a town that had a Nazi flag in the center of town and Jews that were forced to hold signs that said I am a filthy Jew. It relates to the theme because this is when things started to get hard and he had to witness terrible things and knew that things might get worse. At this point in the story, I don't think he was the meticulous person he was at the beginning of the book because now it is getting harder to survive day by day.
  • Vladek is fighting in trenches against the Germans

    Vladek is fighting in trenches against the Germans
    He went into war for 18 months when he was 21, then every 4 years he went to a months training for war. The Germans caught him and held him prisoner. He went through so much trouble to try to get out of being registered into the war, he starved himself but he was still forced to enter. He is now miserable. This relates to the topic because he is at his lowest but he still went through the war and survived. He had hope.
  • they were sent to a concentration camp

    they were sent to a concentration camp
    the adults were sent to a concentration camp while the children hid with someone else. They tried to hide from the Germans in a bunker but later got caught. Things are now terrible and he is struggling to survive but he knew he had a family to take care of so he really pushing through and tried his best to persevere. He is now a different person, he is becoming more sneaky trying to survive and he doesn't have money like he used to.
  • Anja and Vladek paid smugglers to get out

    Anja and Vladek paid smugglers to get out
    they paid some smugglers and on their way to Hungary the smugglers betray them to the Nazis and they were separated and sent to Auschwitz. He is struggling to live and is sent back to another concentration camp can you imagine giving up the little money you have just to get betrayed and start back from where you began. He is now worried that he is separated from his family and he doesn't even know if they are alive, he really starts to struggle.
  • he is free

    he is free
    He lives in a Swiss farmhouse with his friend Shivek, working for American soldiers stationed there. Then he reunites with Anja. He is now overjoyed that Anja is safe and the war has ended. This is where all of his hard work and dedication of trying to survive paid off. Even when he doubted his life he still pushed through and had hope which is what really helped him. He chose to be persistent and stick up for what is right. He can finally have his boring mornings that symbolize glorious freedom
  • Theme Statement

    Theme Statement
    if you push through the hardships and have hope throughout the way things will get better.