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  • telefax

    telefax or telecopy, is the telephone transmission of printed scanned material, usually to a phone number connected to a printer or other output device
  • Telephone

    The telephone is a telecommunication device designed to transmit acoustic signals at a distance by means of electrical signals. It was invented by Antonio Meucci,
  • Telegraph

    Telegraphy is the long-distance transmission of written messages without the physical transport of letters, originally over cables. Radiotelegraphy or wireless telegraphy transmits messages using the radio.
  • Radio

    La radio ​ es un medio de comunicación que se basa en el envío de señales de audio a través de ondas de radio, si bien el término se usa también para otras formas de envío de audio a distancia como la radio por Internet.
  • computer

    It is a digital machine that executes commands to convert it into convenient and useful data that is subsequently sent to the output units. A computer is physically made up of numerous integrated circuits and many support, extension and accessory components, which together can perform various tasks very quickly and under the control of a program
  • Television

    Television is a system for transmitting and receiving images and sound at a distance that simulates movement, using a diffusion mechanism. The transmission can be carried out by means of radio waves, by cable television networks, satellite television or IPTV, which exist in open and paid modalities.
  • email

    is a network service that allows users to send and receive messages (also called electronic messages or digital letters) through electronic communication networks.
  • internet

    is a decentralized set of interconnected communication networks using the TCP / IP family of protocols, ensuring heterogeneous physical networks that the component constitutes a single logical global network
  • Google

    Google was founded in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is a very prestigious company that can be contacted anywhere in the world.
    Google is a social network that allows you to interact with people and companies that can be classified in circles according to their type of relationship with each other.
  • whatsapp

    It is a messaging application for smartphones that sends and receives message information through the internet, complementing email and instant messaging services.
    This company created in 2009 by the Ukrainian Jan Koum, and the American Brian Acton. More than a billion people have access to Whatsap who use it to maintain contacts with other people