Media Factory Covid Engagement

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  • The Governor's State of Emergency

    The Governor's State of Emergency
    The Media Factory closes to the public and staff work from home in response to Governor Scott's state of emergency announcemnt.
  • Burlington Schools Superintendent Yaw Obeng Records Address

    Burlington Schools Superintendent Yaw Obeng Records Address
    Our last production before closing, Superintendent Yaw Obeng asked our help to record a statement in the TV studio to be shared with the community regarding the school response to Covid-19.
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    We Go Home

    When the Governor's announcement came for folks to go home, the Media Factory was in the process of balancing shifting gears and continuing to be of service to the community.
  • Sharing vital community information

    Sharing vital community information
    The Media Factory creates a news ticker for our channels and a social media strategy to share information about school meals, food delivery, and covid-testing as it becomes available.
  • Fully Remote Municipal and School Meetings

    Fully Remote Municipal and School Meetings
    Our team creates a remote meeting workflow in partnership with towns and school districts that allows everyone to conduct business while maintaining physical distance.
  • Our first remote Staff Meeting

    Our first remote Staff Meeting
    We quickly adopted Zoom for public meetings and internal staff meetings, holding our first fully remote staff meeting. It was such a relief to see all our coworkers again.
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    Media Factory Goes Remote

    The beginning of new programming: online workshops, remote meetings, and the Media Factory Remote webpage featuring community-made stories and online content focused on the pandemic and staying home.
  • Watch Party | Québec: People and Place Series

    Watch Party | Québec: People and Place Series
    Our 3-year collaboration with Vermont PBS to bring the Film Board of Canada documentaries about Québec history and culture to viewers is expanded with online watch parties. We add background information to each film, including interviews, historic documents, and encourage a conversation about each film in a live viewing experience.
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    Productions at a Distance

    Filming with social distance becomes the norm, as teams support graduations, artist talks, and begin providing curbside gear reservations.
  • Artist Talks

    Artist Talks
    In place of our planned Mission-Driven Filmmaker Screening event, we create one-on-one Artist Talks with filmmakers Hannah Dennison, Maia Vota, and the filmmaking/animation team of Andrea Grayson and Matt Heywood.
  • Curbside Reservations

    Curbside Reservations
    With new equipment cleaning protocols and staff training in place, the Media Factory starts providing curbside gear reservations by appointment two days a week. Producers can now check out free equipment to use at home.
  • Graduation Productions Get Creative

    Graduation Productions Get Creative
    Curbside diploma delivery. Tented speeches. Drive-in Ceremonies. This year the Media Factory worked with high schools and colleges to produce recordings of graduations with safety as a priority.
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    New Community Engagement

    We reinvent current services and generate new ones that allow community members to learn and create while staying physically distant and healthy.
  • Orientations Go Online

    Orientations Go Online
    In response to community requests, we create an online orientation session so individuals can join the Media Factory and learn how to make media and check out gear.
  • Resilient Burlington Launches on WBTV-LP

    Resilient Burlington Launches on WBTV-LP
    A new radio show, Resilient Burlington, "Where community leaders share their visions for Vermont," airs its first show. This is the first new remote radio series on 99.3 FM WBTV-LP since the pandemic.
  • Crowdsourced Cinema VT Launches

    Crowdsourced Cinema VT Launches
    We announce the statewide collaborative film project, Crowdsourced Cinema VT, a partnership with Vermont Access Network member stations across Vermont. Individuals and groups are invited to sign up to re-create a scene from the feature film, "Cast Away."
  • Crowdsourced Cinema Online Workshop Series

    Crowdsourced Cinema Online Workshop Series
    To support the 39 teams of filmmakers creating reinterpretations of the film "Cast Away," we coordinate a series of trainings led by community media professionals from across the state.
  • Tech Support for Educators

    Tech Support for Educators
    We launch the Tech for Teachers Q+A series to support educators working remotely.
  • 2nd Annual Commemoration of the First African Landing Day

    2nd Annual Commemoration of the First African Landing Day
    With new socially-distanced protocols, our production team films the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the First African Landing Day at Shelburne Farms, a program that now can be aired on our channels and online to a wider audience.
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    Going Live and Outside

    Our producers work with communities and organizations to record live and remote events, and create powerful community events in the early fall.
  • Memorial for Scott Campitelli

    Memorial for Scott Campitelli
    Our community mourns the loss of former RETN Executive Director and community media advocate Scott Campitelli. The Media Factory collects recordings from friends, family, and colleagues to assemble into a presentation shared at a socially distanced event that is also livestreamed.
  • Online Editing Workshops Begin

    Online Editing Workshops Begin
    We convert our in-person editing workshops to online events, expanding the resources available to our community.
  • Cartoon Marathon!

    Cartoon Marathon!
    In celebration of International Cartoon Day, we host a marathon of 21 programs about cartoons and comics all day on Media Factory REWIND, our archive channel. Reaching back over the last 14 years, the marathon features Barbara Slate, Harry Bliss, Ed Koren, Alison Bechdel, James Kochalka, and James Strum.
  • Crowdsourced Cast Away Drive-In

    Crowdsourced Cast Away Drive-In
    We present our statewide collaborative film project at a drive-in with LCATV and MMCTV at the Mansfield Barn in Jericho.
  • Shelburne Fire and Rescue

    Shelburne Fire and Rescue
    Our production team goes on location to film the Shelburne Fire and Rescue training and interview first responders.
  • Halloween Marathon

    Halloween Marathon
    We screen marathon of locally-produced spookiness along with plenty of chills from the public domain all day on CREATE (Comcast 1074/BT 15 + 215) and LEARN (Comcast 1094/BT 16 +216) and on our online channel, REWIND.
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    Keeping Connected

    With the election season came a new lockdown. The Media Factory continues to remain open to curbside and distanced production services, while our distribution services and community education programs reach folks online and on the air.
  • Election Night Coverage

    Election Night Coverage
    We partner with CCTV to support their livestream and air the Election Night coverage of local and national elections on 99.3 FM WBTV-LP.
  • VYOA Fall Concert

    VYOA Fall Concert
    Our longstanding partner, the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association, creates an innovative concert experience, and we produce a video that reflects their talent and ingenuity.
  • Vermont Community Television Launches

    Vermont Community Television Launches
    The statewide community media channel is launched by the Vermont Access Network. Channel 1070 airs content created by community producers and community media centers across Vermont.