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  • gottlieb daimler is born

    gottlieb daimler is born
    daimler is born
  • carl benz

    carl benz
    carl benz is born
  • wilhelm maybach is born

    wilhelm maybach is born
    Wilhelm Maybach is born in Heilbronn on 9 February 1846 as the son of a master joiner. Orphaned at ten years old following the death of both parents within three years of each another, Wilhelm is adopted into the Reutlinger Bruderhaus in 1856 after friends of the family print an announcement in the 'Stuttgarter Anzeiger' newspaper
  • benz joins forces

    Carl Benz joins forces with 'mechanician' August Ritter to found his first company, 'Carl Benz and August Ritter, Engineering Workshop
  • engine produced

    engine produced
    new years eve, benz gets his 2 stroke engine for the first time
  • benz joins forces again

    january 1883 he joins a new company with new business partners, Max Rose and Friedrich Wilhelm Esslinger. hey found the company 'Benz & Cie. Rheinische Gasmotoren-Fabrik Mannheim' (Benz & Co. Rhine Gas Engine Factory Mannheim' and launch the two-stroke 'System Benz' engine
  • Grandfather clock engine

    Grandfather clock engine
    Daimler and Maybach build a test engine with a vertical cylinder, which is christened the “Grandfather Clock” due to its appearance. The output of the 1884 design is around 1 hp (0.8 kW) with an engine speed of 600 rpm
  • riding car

    Based on the Grandfather Clock template, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach build a smaller single-cylinder engine. The first test object is a bicycle-inspired “carriage” with a strengthened wooden frame. It becomes known as the “Daimler Reitwagen” (“Riding Car”). Installing the engine vertically in the wooden frame, Gottlieb Daimler essentially invents the motorcycle
  • daimler invents the first truck

    daimler invents the first truck
    The first truck built by the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft is delivered to the British Motor Syndicate, Ltd. in London on 1 October 1896. The world’s first truck is equipped with a 2-cylinder “Phoenix” engine built into the rear end. It develops 4 hp and is designed for a cargo load capacity of 1500 kg.
  • first marketed

    first marketed
    mercedes was first marketed in 1901 by the name Daimler Motors Corporation
  • logo is created

    logo is created
    From September 1902 DMG holds the patent for successful “Mercedes” brand name. All that is missing is a characteristic trademark. That’s when the sons of Gottlieb Daimler, Paul and Adolf, remember, that their father previously used a star for a symbol
  • first mercedes produced

    first mercedes produced
    the first vehicles released by the mercedes benz brand name were released in 1926
  • carl benz dies

    The automobile pioneer dies at his home in Ladenburg on 4 April 1929.
  • Mercedes releases Electric SUV

    Mercedes releases Electric SUV
    mercedes all new electric suv is announced