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  • The Start

    The Start
    Starbucks is finally in business, opens up first store in Seattle's Pike Place Market.
  • Howard Schultz

    Howard Schultz
    Howard Schultz becomes a director of Starbucks and organizes the retail operations and marketing. Starbucks starts providing delicious coffee and espresso bars.
  • Schultz Starts Traveling

    Schultz Starts Traveling
    Schultz travels to Italy to find that there is huge success with espresso bars in Milan. Schultz convinces the founders of Starbucks to move out the coffee bars in Seattle areas.
  • Offering New Items

    Offering New Items
    Schultz offers to sell Starbucks own coffee with their own beans, he also found II Giornale. II Giornale changes the name to "Starbucks Incorporation". There is now 50 Starbucks total by the year 1988.
  • Growth

    Starbucks is expanding headquarters in Seattle. By 1991 Starbucks becomes the first company to offer a stock Program and also opens up first Licensed airport store.
  • New Locations

    New Locations
    By 1992 there were about 165 stores open
  • New beginnings

    New beginnings
    Opens up first drive through store.
  • Expanding Their Products

    Expanding Their Products
    Starbucks starts selling drinks in bottles. Opens up first store in Japan and is the first store outside of North America. Establishing the Starbucks foundation and has 1,412 stores by 1997.
  • Extensions

    Starbucks extends their brand into grocery channels across the U.S in 1998. Opens many more stores and has around 1,886 stores. By 1999 there were about 2,498 stores open.
  • Establishments

    Opens more stores in Australia, Hong Kong, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Starbucks has 3,501 stores open worldwide by 2000. In 200 3Starbucks acquires the Seattle Coffee company, which included Seattle's best coffee and Torrefazione coffee, and had about 7,225 stores open worldwide.
  • Instant Transfers

    Instant Transfers
    Starbucks launches Instant transfer, starbucks rewards, loyalty program and card mobile payment. There is a total of 16,635 stores worldwide by 2009.
  • Offerings

    Expands digital offerings to customers with free unlimited Wi-Fi. Seattle's coffee reinvents business strategy to expand. By 2010 there were 16,858 stores. In 2011 there was a launch of annual global month of service to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of Starbucks, by the end of 2011 there was 17,003 stores open worldwide.
  • Reinforcements

    CEO Howard Schultz reinforces the company's commitment to marriage equality as well as strengthening ethical sourcing efforts with coffee farming research and developments in Costa Rica. Total stores are 19,767.
  • Enhancements

    Starbucks enhances the mobile app with shake pay and digital tapping. They also launch Starbuck's college achievement plan with ASU to offer to qualify Starbucks U.S. partners the opportunity to complete their online degree at ASU. They also announce a commitment to hiring 10,000 veterans and military spouses by 2018. Total stores 21,366.
  • New Selections

    New Selections
    Starbucks Launches Cold Brew iced coffee and Evolution Fresh handcrafted smoothies. Announces sixth two-for-one stock split. Expands Starbucks College Achievement Plan to offer full tuition coverage for all four years of an undergraduate degree for qualifying U.S. Starbucks partners. Commits to 25,000 partners graduating by 2025. Reaches 99% ethically sourced coffee milestone. Has a total of 22,519 (as of June 28, 2015).