Mercedes timeline

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  • The Mercedes star is born

    The Mercedes star is born
    Paul and Adolf Daimler adapted a three pointed star for use of the band logo.
  • First Model Series

    First Model Series
    A new vehicle that differed from the classic carrage design of the times. This high end product kick started the Mercedes brand and was essential to its future.
  • Hitler Drives Mercedes

    Hitler Drives Mercedes
    Mercedes produced the 770 model, a car that was popular during the Germany's Nazi time. Adolf Hitler was known to have driven these cars during his time, with bulletproof windshields.
  • W23 introduced

    W23 introduced
    A new cabriolet model was introduced. A small family car, that was also available in a two door cabrio-limousen.
  • Forced Labor at Mercedes

    Forced Labor at Mercedes
    In 1944, 46,000 forced labourer's were used in Daimler-Benz's factories. The company later had to pay $12 million in reparations to the labourers' families.
  • Mercedes-AMG founded

    Mercedes-AMG founded
    the company founded Mercedes-AMG as a separate high-performance division of the Mercedes-Benz. This company is current and make Mercedes-Benz AMG cars. The first known as the 300SEL 6.3 V8 Saloon, given the name Red Sow.
  • The Mercedes Bends Superdome

    The Mercedes Bends Superdome
    Plans for the superdome were first drawn up in 1967. This dome was used for the home of the Jazz for the NBA, and later used to house huricane Catrina survivors.
  • Introduced the SL and SLC 107

    Introduced the SL and SLC 107
    The introduction of this model was an important step. They were available in two door coupe and convertible options. This proved to be the most successful introduced in the history of the company.
  • Pollution Prevention

    Pollution Prevention
    Mercedes-Benz became one of the first companys to comply with the new environment regulations and introduced the "closed-loop three-way catalytic converter" to lessen car pollution.

    The AMG SLS was the proof that 2010s are going to be a huge decade for Mercedes-Benz. The SLS immediately became a dream car of every car enthusiast.
  • Mercedes G-class

    Mercedes G-class
    Most popular off roader of the 20th century. It best combines the luxury and adventure into one car.
  • Largest seller

    Largest seller
    In 2018 Mercedes-Benz was the largest selling luxury vehicle in the world. They sold 2.13 million passenger cars.
  • Mercedes 2020 C-class

    Mercedes 2020 C-class
    The 2020 C-class is the newest Mercedes model. Its selling from 41,400 dollars. It comes in several diffrent models.