Mexican Independence Timeline

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  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Wikipedia Link This Treaty ended the war between France and Great Britian over the Ohio River Valley. This war was called the French and indian war. The Treaty of Paris made it to where France and Spain had to officially give their territory to Great Britian
  • Marques de Rubi Report

    Marques de Rubi Report
    Rubi Report Marques de Rubi is sent to Texas to do a report on how the missions are doing. After two years the report is finished, and he recommended the following. Push back all the missions behind the Rio Grande except those San Antonio and La Bahia.
  • American Revolution begins

    American Revolution begins
    Wikipedia The thirteen colonies joined together to break free from the British Empires rule, and became the United States of America.
  • United States gains Independence

    United States gains Independence
    <ahref='' >Wikipedia</a> It came from a statement from the Continental Congress which stated that the Thirteen Colonies was no longer a part of the British Empire. And that they were their own country.
  • U.S. Declaration of Independence

    U.S. Declaration of Independence
    US History On July 4th the United States declared its independence from Britians rule
  • French Revolution begins

    French Revolution begins
    Wikipedia France was tired of their strict Monarchy government so they revolted and executed the king, and turned the government into a republic under Napolean Bonaparte's rule.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    WikipediaThe U.S. purchased a great portion of land from France (828,000 square miles). It nearly doubled the size of the U.S. and it consisted of modern day Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska; parts of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, and Texas. And small portions of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Louisiana.
  • Cry of Dolores

    Cry of Dolores
    Wikipedia An event that marked the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence.
  • Mexican Independence

    Mexican Independence
    <ahref='' >Enchanted Learning</a> On September 16, 1810, Father Hidalgo and his Indian followers revolted against the Spanish. Even though they didnt win, and Father Hidalgo was executed, every year on this day people celebrate Mexican Independence
  • Green Flag

    Green Flag
    Wikipedia It was an expedition against Spanish Texas during the first years of the Mexican War of Independence. Called the Gutierrez Magee Expidition
  • Battle of Medina

    Battle of Medina
    Wikipedia The Battle of Medine was one of the bloodiest, and deadliest battles ever fought.The battle was fought about 20 miles south of San Antonio de Bexar as a part of the Mexican War of Independence against Spanish authority in Mexico.
  • James Long

    James Long
    Wikipedia He led the unsuccessful Long Expidition to Texas
  • Panic of 1819

    Panic of 1819
    WikipediaThe first major fianancial crisis in the United States. Which led to the establishment of the dollar, but also led to bank failures and unemployment
  • The “Old Three Hundred” Colony

    The “Old Three Hundred” Colony
    Wikipedia The Old Three Hundred is a term used to describe a group of 297 men, who purchased 307 parts of land from Stephen Fuller Austin and created a colony near present day Brenham.
  • Imperial Colonization Law

    Imperial Colonization Law
    Allowed an empressario to have land within the Mexican Province of Texas. With the added choice of giving some of their land to settlers.
  • Coahuila y Texas

    Coahuila y Texas
    Wikipedia A constituent state of the United Mexican States, with three districts. Monclova, Bexar, Saltillo, Coahuila. It had two capitals which were Monclova and Saltillo.
  • Constitution of 1824

    Constitution of 1824
    <ahref='' >Wikipedia</a> The Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States of 1824 was put in action on October 4, 1824 that after the Mexican Empire was defeated, It was now called United Mexican States and was a federal republic.