(Mine) 3TA

Timeline created by Word
  • GTA 1 Takes Place

  • Zane is born

  • Zach is born

    Born with a sister named Hannah and a brother named Jack James
  • GTA Vice City Takes Place

  • GTA San Andreas Takes Place

  • Start High school

  • GTA 3 Takes Place

  • Mom and Dad die by mugging

  • Graduate

  • Zach and Jack buy their apartment in Chicago

    Hannah- DC
    Dates Nikki
  • First Tattoo

    Leg dad remember
  • McCarthy brother gets bikes

    Stopped dating Nikki 21
  • Z/J meet hackers 22

    They find the hackers to help figure out who killed their parents. If they help them they have to help them.
  • Meets new friends

    Meets Toby 21 Jeff 16 Ralph 22
  • Z/J/J others are to go in a heist

    To steel some important data
  • GTA 4 Takes Place

  • Z/J/J first kills and heist is successful 23

    23 23 20
  • ZJJ all decide to stay with the DeadSec

    Z called The Raven
  • Z:J find and put away the killer

  • Zach meets fellow hacker Amily, get together

  • Hannah becomes a cop

  • Dalton has a kid and his family leaves him

    Daughter is named Karly
  • Z finds out all the bad stuff DedSec is up to

    His group his up to a lot of bad stuff
  • ZJJTR all get out of DedSecand try to expose

  • They all get ready for a war to take them down

  • Team Bow VS DedSec

    Zach used a bow and arrow, they battler it out all day all over Chicago. The day came to be knows as one of Chicago’s worst days. James was killed by bow and arrows on this day. Z never held one again.
  • Team bow is recreated to help protect Chicago

    Team- Zach Toby Jeff Ralph Amily
    Name The Calvary
  • Zach helps Aiden Pearce out

  • GTA 5 takes place

  • Watch_Dogs takes place

  • Brad Lemon becomes Iron man

    Along with Hulk
  • The Gunner and Aiden help each other more

  • Amily leaves to live her dream of ballet

  • Spider-Man and 2nd hulk attack

  • James vs Hulk

  • The Gunner messes up on a mission

    The mission was to save a group of hostages and all of them die. So he is framed
  • Zach moves to Los Santos

    Moves there because The Gunner wasn’t needed and to get a fresh start moves thier with an old friend
    Toby jack Jeff Ralph
  • Zach meets up with Dalton/ buys a house

    They knew each other from school
  • Watch_Dogs 2 takes place

  • Zach gives Dalton a plan for a heist

    They both were contacted by Lester
  • The Fleeca Job

    Zach- hacker/ Valt opener
  • Zach buys his apartment and car

    Richards Majestic
  • Z and D hit up the club for the first of many x’s

    Zach sees Nikki someone who he went to high school with. They hook up. Stripper cause she’s paying off Collage and she lost everything to a divorce
    Later in that year they have dinner to catch up and spend Christmas together
  • Z meets Lamar for the first time

    Form then on he does some stuff for him
  • Z delivered a car for Simion

  • Zach buys a clubhouse after he gets in touch

    With his old biker friend
  • Zach and Nikki spend the holiday together

  • Z and D plan for the second heist

    Meets agent 14
    Zach, Dalton and two of his friends get ready for the heist. Team Zach dalton Liam and Tyler.
  • The Prison Break Heist

    Zach- prisoner Zach starts to loan Nikki money
  • The Humane Labs Heist

    Zach- Ground Team
    Z D L T all go on the heist after Zach was approached by agent 14. Gets the attention of Trever Philips
  • Zach goes visit Chicago

    Toby- doing fine comes back with Zach
    Jeff- lives in Zach’s old house
    Ralph- lives in Pawnee
  • Zach buys his second house for Toby

    House in Peleto Bay
  • McCarthy ENT. Is created (32)

    When told of offices by 14 Zach bought one. Got it as an HQ for watching over the city low key. He began to produce weapons and run cars for other Companies of sorts
  • Zach buys a yatch

    Amily lives and works as a bartender on it. They got drunk and hooked up
  • Zach meets Trever

  • Series- A Funding

    Drove with Trever
    Dalton Liam Tyler
    Later Toby questions if I’m a hero or a criminal
  • Zach’s brother come back

    They were kidnapped by the hackers so they faked their deaths then the had to get enough money to get to LS Jack saves James
    Jack and James lives in the apartment
  • DedSec Returns for Zach/ cult

    They return and kill Ralph, Zach disappeared to hide and while he did that he joined a cult to find himself. Meets Raven. In the cult he gets the tattoo.
  • The Gunner Returns

    Return to take down the crooked DedSec
  • Zach buys his 3rd house

  • Zach and Clara Christmas party

    Clara is his front desk and tells Zach of his jobs. She also runs the stock and is Zach’s most trusted.tell her about Chicago. They embrace
  • Zach is almost done being a criminal

    “One last job” dalton said to zach
  • The Pasific Standerds Heist

    Zach- crowd control. Zach dalton Liam and Tyler
  • Clara went to NY for a trip

    She’s mad cause I lied and robbed a bank, proving to her I’m not the good guy
  • Zach rejoins the cult

    He joins because he was asked to return for a bit. The real plot is, Zach is a descendent of their founder or something and they wanted him. Also while that happened it also turns out they are bad and are trying to bring their god out into Zach so he can take over the city.
  • The Cult kills the Mayor and Zach is Rapped

  • Zach kills the leader of the cult

    Raven and Zach break ip
    The tattoo is from the ancient power of the previous leaders. Kills Hawk so Raven should get it but Zach got it
    Zach- Protection and defense (won’t get harmed) Left arm/ blue
    Zach- Aggression and offense (enhances strength)
    Left leg/ red
    Raven- Sharing and support (heals others)
    Right arm/ pink
    Coal- Durability and tank (damages others)
    Right leg/ yellow
  • The Cult attack the city

    The Gunner along with help from Jack James (Dalton) and Toby they stop them
    The attack resembled the fight in The Dark Night Rises. After this, Raven she says her goodbyes to Zach in a message and disappeared Toby is killed
  • Zach is ruled into running for mayor

    Zach gave a speech about how the city needs help and more
  • Hannah is out of police

    She killed an innocent man
  • Zach goes to NY to see Clara/Together

    While their he meets her parents and they plan a trip
  • Hannah moves to LS

  • Zach rejects becoming mayor

    In 2044 he jokes about running again
  • Zach gets his Calvary car

  • Dalton gives Zach a mission to save the world

  • Doomsday begins

    Zach Dalton Liam Tyler
  • Doomsday ends/

    Zach Dalton Tyler
    His criminal record is erased and is rewarded
  • Zach buys a NightClub

    This serves as his new source of money and is HQ for being The Calvary/ Promotes Clara to run McCarthy Ent.
  • Zach and Katie hang out

  • Calvary vs Iron Man

  • Clara moves in

  • Jay Holme is born

    Zach and Ravens Son
  • Zach gets Team Gunner together

    Field work [Zach- The Gunner Jeff- Melee Jack- Pike Hannah- Bullet] Underground{Samantha Jacob Eric Nikki Dalton Clara Zach} Hacker(Clara Amily) extra*Liam Tyler Katie*
  • Diamond Casino is Opened

  • Zach almost dies

    During some work, he barely escapes with his life.
    Now has purple eyes.
  • Second Calvary car

  • Diamond Casino Heist starts

    Zach Fred Liam Dalton/ first time seeing D in a while.
    Clara was not happy
  • Diamond Casino Heist Ends

    Clara comes in at the end to help
  • Zach and Clara get married(35) (31)

    Zach Clara Dalton Liam Tyler Hannah Jack James Jeff Fred Aiden Katie CJ GS Nikki etc are present
  • Zach meets Max Hayward

    Also meets his family they are work parterns. Mad at Zach because his brother and his son were on the sub that blew up in doomsday and he Blames Zach for it. Also Zach killed his friend back in the day
  • Aliens invade.

    The gaming lemons video
    Gunner, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, James, Team Calvary.
  • Siege of Los Santos

    Started my Max, began with Jets flying overhead, Zach gets a jet and gets shot down by a guy on top of the apartment building, I’m slightly injured but I have to hop down into a car to get to my car and get a helicopter, I get shot down and grab the side of the building, on the way to my house I slowly and painfully chase, I lost my mask doing so and some and got hit by a car, I eventually get there and shoot the person, it’s the innocent wrong person, I get body slammed into another pool.
  • Johnny McCarthy is born

    Zach’s Son
    Dalton reveals his past and his 9 year old daughter
  • Zane Appears

  • Clara leave for a while

    She is scared their kid will grow up without a father
  • Hayward threatens Dalton

    Hayward reveals that he is Dalton’s father and that Zach killed his brother. Then Hayward says that if Dalton doesn’t tell him everything about Zach then his child would die with his ex wife
  • Daniel McCarthy is born

  • Hayward begins his torment

    He kidnaps James beats him, threaten to kill his kids, rape his wife, kill James. He tells Zach why. And if Zach tells anyone he will do all of the above
  • Zach goes after Hayward secretly/ the end

    He went after him alone. It goes terrible. Dalton shows up after Zach and offers help, he eventually betrays Zach and takes him to Hayward. He kills James. That’s all that’s being said. The story. Zach James and Dalton go after a bad guy and he kills Zach and James but only injured Dalton. Hayward informs them and acts like a good guy.
  • Hayward attempts to end Zach and dump him

    After keeping and tormenting Zach for 15 years in secret. Hayward dumps shoots and dumps me into the ocean, But I end up surviving and making my way to an island.
  • Clara remarries to Max Hayward

    She keeps the McCarthy name
  • Sophia Hayward is born(44)

  • Agent 14 finds and saves Zach after 3 years

    3 years on an island, Zach is eventually saved. I am helped and 14 and Zach begin work on bringing down Hayward
  • Mike Klinton becomes Leagon

    He became Leagon after gaining powers from dormant Alien DNA in his system
  • Leagon recruits Frank Santo

  • Clara and Daniel stop talking

    Mom and son have an emotional argument. Clara admits to not really loving Max
  • During 20 years (59)

    One year after Zach’s kidnapping and torturing, Hayward decides not to kill Zach and uses him as an agent. For the next 7 years, Zach is forced to do Hayward’s dirty work in order to see his family and keep them safe. When Zach’s usefulness expires, Hayward dumps and kills him. Then for 3 years he is stuck on an island until 14 saves him and the two of them work together. For the next 10 years, 14 and Zach work to take down Hayward from the inside out. Hayward gets to Zach and 14 and takes Zach.
  • Kids ages

    Johnny- 24, Daniel- 21, Sophia- 11
  • Leagon Disappears

    After Sojourn dies
  • Hayward gets Zach

  • Daniel’s girl leaves for a bit

    She leaves because she feels left out and lonely when Daniel spends more time in finding his dad than with her. Daniel has been searching for his dad for years and has found an old investment by McCarthy Ent. Decades ago. He’s going to remember this for later. Later, As he is walking away from the bar after his gf left him, A man is shot in front of him and he gets a map and a note saying that he knows where his father is.
  • Daniel makes a great discovery

    Dan goes to see this location on the map 14 tells Daniel about what’s been happening for 20 years and the Calvary. Dan asks why he went to him for help and 14 said that Zach told him too. Dan asks if he’s got a safe location for us to plan and 14 days that they’ll go to the old bunker. They get to the bunker and 14 gives Dan a tour. After that, Dan has zachs jacket, went on a joyride in one of the cars and began to set up the team. Then Dan begins to go to old places and find clues as to z loc
  • Daniel sets up the team and suits up

    Daniel got to drive the car for the first time and he got to wear the suit Zach made him decades ago
  • Daniel takes a joy ride and begins his search

    lands outside of his old hosue
  • Friend

    While Daniel is chilling out racing on the track he meets a girl named Yerno and they chill and eventually hook up and while that happens Violet walks in on them and officially dumps Daniel
  • Zach finds Hayward: Zach is innocent

    Before all this Zach was outed as Calvary Zach now dressed in his Calvary suit and Daniel in his Bullet suit now have The crew and 14s crew are taking out Maxs army Zach Daniel and 14s kid Lexa have Max Zach is getting his revenge with similar toutucher then Z arrested him ervry1 went to cort 4 all
  • Where it picks up

    D is with Yerno
  • Clara Passes away at 64

  • Soph boyfriend lives in her old house

    They all party in a frat type house and she fucks. The boys recorded it. Gets into a car crash and is picked up from cops by Johnny
  • Soph’s 21 birthday

    Gets drunk, lost L Card and is mad with Zach
  • Daniel is “killed”

    Soon sees Max, kills 2 people and becomes even more pissed at Zach. After Dan dies. He was actually captured like Zach was.
  • Soph helps Max get out of Prison

    To get revenge on Zach cause she thinks Max is the good guy because she isn’t thinking straight. Plan, To use Soph to get out of prison for revenge on Zach, he faked an attack on Daniel and Soph faking them to be a group of bass all orcastraded by Max to kills Daniel to motivate Soph to actually get him out of after years of him telling her how bad of a guy Zach is and how he is why Dan is dead. Also saying he wants to be with his kid, that is a lie