Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi; The Leader of the Salt March

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  • The day Mohandas Gandhi was born

    Gandhi was born in Porbandar, a coastal town which was then part of the Bombay Presidency, British India.
  • Gandhi gets married!

    13 year old Mohandas Gandhi was married to 14 year old Kasterbai Makhanji. When he was 15 they had their fist child, but it only survived its first couple days.
  • London Travels

    Gandhi traveled to London to study law at University College London where he studied Indian Law and jurisprudence and to train as a barriester to the inner temple.
  • British Declare War

    British Declare War
    The British declared war on the Zulu kingdom in Natal. Gandhi actively encouraged the Brisish to recruite Indians. He said Indians support the war effort for full citizenship.
  • The day Gandhi died

    He was assassinated by Nathan Godse a Hindu nationalist who was upset at what he precieved was Gandh'ss sympathy for Indian Muslims.