Montreal History

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  • Arrival of the French

    Arrival of the French
    Samuel de Champlain arrives in what will later be called Montreal. His visit spurrs many other French explorers to follow in his footsteps. It is thanks to Samuel de Champlain that the people of Montreal speak French.
  • "Ville Marie" becomes "Montreal"

    "Ville Marie" becomes "Montreal"
    Originally Montreal was known by the name, Ville Marie or City of Mary.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    Montreal is a valuable inland port city, used by the Confederates in the Civil War to gain suplies and arms from the Brittish.
  • Great Depression/ Prohibition

    Great Depression/ Prohibition
    Montreal experienced much of the same effects of the Great Depression as the U.S.. Durring Prohibition, however, people from the United States would go to Montreal for alchoho. Because of this it was temorarily nicknamed the "Sin City".
  • World's Fair

    World's Fair
    Montreal hosted the world's fair.
  • Olympics

    Montreal hosts the '78 Summer Olympics.
  • Cleanest City

    Cleanest City
    Montreal is voted 10th cleanest city in the world by Forbes Magazine.