Moral Development

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  • Preconventional

    There are two stages of preconventional moral development: avoid punishment and reward. Stage one of moral development is avoiding punishment. Someone at stage one only thinks of how to avoid punishment in a situation. Stage two is reward and self-interest. A person at stage two thinks of their own self-interest in a situation.
  • Conventional

    The conventional stage has two stages as well: social approval and following rules. Stage three is social approval. A person at stage three thinks of what would be approved by others in a situation. Stage four is following rules. Someone at stage four follows the rules in a difficult situation.
  • Postconventional

    The last two stages are under postconventional development. Stage five is balance of social order and people at this stage make decisions based of what would keep balance between all. The last stage is stage six which is internal moral principles. Decisions made at this stage are based off of the internal feeling of a person's beliefs.