Mughal Empire.

Timeline created by Muhammad Humza
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  • Apr 21, 1526

    First Battle of Panipat

    First Battle of Panipat
    First Battle of Panipat, Babur defeats Ibrahim Lodhi, Sultan of Delhi, and founds Mughal Empire
  • Mar 17, 1527

    Battle of Khanwa

    Battle of Khanwa
    Battle of Khanwa, Babur conquers the combined army of the Rajput princes and takes control of much of northern India
  • Dec 26, 1530

    Babur dies

    Babur dies
    Babur dies, is succeeded by son Humayan
  • Jul 11, 1543

    Humayan's defeats

    Humayan's defeats
    Pashtun leader Sher Shah Suri defeats Humayan, drives him into exile in Afghanistan
  • 1554

    Humayan travels

    Humayan travels
    Humayan travels to Persia, hosted by Safavid emperor
  • Jul 23, 1555

    Humayun control of northern India

    Humayun control of northern India
    July 23, 1555: Discord among Sher Shah Suri's successors allows Humayun to retake control of northern India, be restored to Mughal throne
  • Jan 17, 1556

    Humayan's death

    Humayan's death
    Humayan falls down stairs and dies, succeeded by 13-year-old son Akbar, later Akbar the Great
  • Nov 5, 1556

    Second Battle of Panipat

    Second Battle of Panipat
    Second Battle of Panipat, child Emperor Akbar's army defeats Hemu's Hindu forces
  • 1570

    Akbar Mughal Rule

    During 1560s - 1570s Akbar consolidates Mughal rule over much of northern and central India, as well as what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • Akbar the Great dies

    Akbar the Great dies, succeeded by his son Jahangir
  • The British East India Company

    The British East India Company
    The British East India Company defeats Portuguese at Surat, Gujarat State and establishes the first warehouse in India
  • Jahangir dies

    Emperor Jahangir dies, succeeded by son Shah Jahan
  • Destruction of Temples

    Shah Jahan orders destruction of newly-built Hindu temples, breaking with Mughal record of religious tolerance
  • Taj Mahal

    Taj Mahal
    Shah Jahan designs and begins building Taj Mahal as a tomb for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal
  • Shah Jahan Imprisioned

    Shah Jahan Imprisioned
    Aurangzeb imprisons his father, Shah Jahan, for the rest of his life in the Red Fort at Agra
  • Badshahi Mosque

    Badshahi Mosque
    Aurangzeb orders construction of the Badshahi Mosque at Lahore, now in Pakistan
  • Aurangzeb expands

    During the period of 1660s till 1690s Aurangzeb expands Mughal rule to more than 3.2 million square km, including Assam, the Deccan plateau, and parts of southern India
  • Establishment of British East India Company'

    Establishment of British East India Company's Fort William on Ganges delta, fort and trading factory which becomes Calcutta (Kolkata)
  • Death of Aurangzeb

    Death of Aurangzeb marks the end of Mughal Golden Era, beginning of slow decline; he is succeeded by son Bahadur Shah I
  • Bahadur Shah I dies

    Bahadur Shah I dies, succeeded by incompetent son Jahandar Shah
  • Emperor Farrukhsiyar

    Weak-willed Emperor Farrukhsiyar falls under the control of Syed brothers, two generals and king-makers who had helped depose Jahandar Shah
  • Jahandar executed

    Jahandar Shah is executed by agents of nephew Farrukhsiyar, who takes the Mughal throne
  • Emperor Farrukhsiyar blinded

    Syed brothers have Emperor Farrukhsiyar blinded and strangled; his cousin Rafi ud-Darjat becomes new Mughal emperor
  • Emperor Rafi ud-Daulah Death

    Syeds kill 23-year-old Emperor Rafi ud-Daulah after three months on the throne
  • Persia invades India

    Persia invades India
    Nader Shah of Persia invades India, wins Battle of Karnal, loots Delhi, steals Mughal Peacock Throne
  • Battle of Manipur

    Battle of Manipur, Mughal Army defeats Durrani invasion force from Afghanistan
  • Emperor Muhammad Shah dies

    Emperor Muhammad Shah dies, succeeded by 22-year-old son Ahmad Shah Bahadur
  • Emperor Ahmad Shah Bahadur blinded

    Emperor Ahmad Shah Bahadur deposed and blinded by Vizier Imad-ul-Mulk; former emperor spends rest of life in prison, dying in 1775
  • 123 British death

    British make lurid charges about imprisonment and death of 123 British and Anglo-Indian troops by Bengali captors in Black Hole of Calcutta; story likely fabricated
  • Emperor Shah Alam II

    Emperor Shah Alam II, in alliance with Durranis, works to restore the glory of Mughal Empire
  • Battle of Buxar

    Battle of Buxar, British East India Company defeats the combined army of Emperor Shah Alam II and the nawabs of Awadh and Bengal
  • Emperor Shah Alam II dies

    Emperor Shah Alam II dies, marking the end of effective leadership from Mughal Dynasty; he is succeeded by hapless son Akbar Shah II, who is a puppet of the British
  • Akbar Shah II dies

    Akbar Shah II dies at age of 77, succeeded as a puppet ruler by son Bahadur Shah II
  • Indian Revolt

    Use of pork and/or beef fat on army cartridges sets off the Sepoy Mutiny or Indian Revolt
  • Mughal Dynasty Ends

    British use Indian Revolt of 1857 as the pretext to exile last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah II, to Rangoon, Burma; Mughal dynasty ends