Music Media Timeline

Timeline created by sophiesorkin
  • phonoautogram

    Used to record the human voice by tracing sound waves on smoke-blackened paper or glass. Could not be played back at the time.
  • music box disc

    music box disc
    The graphophone, which uses wax-coated cardboard tubes instead of tinfoil, engraves sound waves.
  • 7-inch 79 rpm record

    7-inch 79 rpm record
  • marconi velvet tone record

    marconi velvet tone record
  • blue amberol records

    blue amberol records
  • victory records

    victory records
  • audiodisc

  • coloured vinyl record

    coloured vinyl record
  • minifon tape

    minifon tape
  • sound-a-round talking puzzle

    sound-a-round talking puzzle
  • dbx disc

    dbx disc
  • casette tape adapter

    casette tape adapter
  • yaboom box

    yaboom box
  • vinyl disk

    vinyl disk
  • fifth-generation iPod nano

    fifth-generation iPod nano
  • iPhone 6

    iPhone 6
  • iPhone 11

    iPhone 11
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    Music Media Through the Years