My crazy life

Timeline created by JVentura
  • Born

    A federal judge sentenced Bruce Jones to 12 years in federal prison for fraud.
  • My first comunion

    My first comunion
    Over a 10-year period, Jones had managed to swindle almost $10 million from thousands of gullible people throughout the state.
  • My first date

    My first date
    Even though you are a total stranger to the viewer, once he sees you on TV in his home, he feels like he knows you. You enter his living room and become a trusted friend.
  • Mis quince

    Mis quince
    He advertised his fantastic ideas on TV. "For some reason," Jones said, "TV seems to break the ice.
  • My first job

    My first job
    Jones had an imagination that wouldn’t quit. One time he showed viewers an "official government" earthquake report which “proved” that the western half of California would collapse into the sea within three years.