My Learning Journey

Timeline created by jasonmxv
  • 21st Century Learning

    21st Century Learning
    Investigating what it means to be a 21st century teacher and learner.
  • Period: to

    On campus learning

    The duration of this course on campus, until the e-portfolio due date of 10 June.
  • Collecting

    Understanding copyright and creative commons; setting up a Google reader and some RSS feeds.
  • Communicating

    Using digital tools that support communicating and collaborating.

    Exploring a model for using ICT in your classroom.
  • Period: to

    Mid-semester break

    Two week holiday.
  • Creating

    Making a tool that builds, converges and diverges knowledge, as a teacher.
  • Creating II

    Creating II
    Using and evaluating a classroom tool as a student.
  • Interaction

    Using interactive whiteboards and powerpoints effectively.
  • Future Focus

    Future Focus
    Virtual schooling ideas, experiences and applications.
  • Page finished

    Page finished
    The date that my e-portfolio was completed and ready for submission.