My Life :)

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  • When I was born!

    When I was born.. Ha. I really don't remember a lot, but my mom said I was a little angle! Until I got a really bad ear infection. My older brother was really happy when he got to hold me! And whenever he wasn't he would always say "Lemme hold her.. Lemme hold her!"
  • When I found out I wasn't having a baby sister..:(

    On my way to my moms doctor appointment, we were discussing names, mostly girl names because I wanted a baby sister. When we got to the hospital I was crossing my fingers, and when the nurse said "Congradulations! You're having a BABY SISTER!!" That's when I FLIPPED. I laid on the ground screaming bloody mercy, And it got so bad that the nurses made my dad take me out to the car :)
  • My first time to Disney Land!

    The first time I went to Disney Land I was SO excited! I was one of the best days of my life! It was the funnest thing that i've ever done, and i'm going back, IN 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  • The day Jared Barnum asked me out

  • The day I met Rajon Rondo

    For my sisters biarthday, we went out to Boston Massachusetts and while she was on a date with her boyfriend, I went to a Boston Celtics game. They chose me to go and have a shooting compatition, I won, that night, he also asked me out :)
  • The day Rajon Rondo proposed!

    :) my ring is huge, and gorgeous! He is so romantic and I can't wait to marry him!
  • The Day i got MARRIED!

    It was a fairytale. everything was perfect. my dress. the people. EVERYTHING :) can't wait to move into our mansion!
  • The day I died

    I died... laying next to my amazing husband, Rajon Rondo, and I fell asleep and never woke up again :( he died shortly after