My Life

Timeline created by 16elayton6
  • Birth

  • My first Birthday

    My whole family was there!!!
  • I got my first dog

  • My little sister was born

  • Got my ears periced

  • My first time playing soccer

    My first time playing soccer
    I scored 11 goals
  • Started Kindergarten

  • I fell in a fire

    i was playing tag and my friend Reagen was it. My shoe got caught under a rock and she pushed me and i fell in the really not fire i was screaming so bad and i also had ot rush to the hospital.
  • I rode in a limo

  • Babtisim

    I was sink on this special day
  • I got my second dog

  • I won the biggest tournment

    we won!!!!
  • Graduated Elementary

  • I went to the temple

  • I survived school

    I survived school
    yes its over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Started Junior High

  • I got my first cell phone

    for christmas and my grandma and grandpa got it for me