My life

Timeline created by lujainattiga
  • Born

    I was born 2005, in Virginia.
  • Jordan

    A few weeks after I was born, my family moved to Jordan. I grew up and was raised there for 13 years.
  • Middle School

    In 2016 I entered middle school.
  • Moving to Bahrain

    On August 26th, 2018, I moved to Bahrain. It was the first time ever moving in my life.
  • Moved to RVIS

    After attending 2 schools in Bahrain, I moved to RVIS.
  • High School

    I entered high school in August 2019
  • Future Plan 1

    My first future plan is to graduate high school with good grades and a high GPA.
  • Future Plan 2

    My second future hope is to attend a great university in the USA. Specifically in something in public relations, communications, psychology.
  • Future Plan 3

    After university, I want to find a job that suits me, is enjoyable and makes good money
  • Future Plan 4

    After settling in life, having a good job, I would like to make a family that i'm financially stable in.