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  • Born

    When I was born in Bogotá in 2001 on December 21st at the Fontibón hospital, my mother hadn't bid so much to have a child.
  • My three years

    My three years
    I remember when I was two years old my siblings gave me a ride-on toy car. They had saved to give me the gift.
  • My first time in the pool

    My first time in the pool
    All my family traveled to the police club in Melgar where I had waited a lot for this trip because it was my first time to go to a pool. It was a wonderful day.
  • My travel with my dad

    My travel with my dad
    I was 7 years old when I had traveled with my father to the church in Zipaquirá. I was very happy because I had a digital watch, but we hadn't done many thing over there.
  • In divercity

    In divercity
    When I was 8 yeard old my brother took me to divercity. I didn't know that it was an amusement park for children. when we were there I was very happy. when we had to leave I was angry because I had borne a queue for a game and I couldn't get in.
  • My first christmas lighting

    My first christmas lighting
    It was starting Christmas when my family decided to go to Villavicencio to look at the Christmas lights. I had packed my suitcase since late November I was very excited to see many lights.
  • My first time at sea

    My first time at sea
    My whole family was in Santa Marta because my brother had just gotten married. I was very happy because it was my first time at sea. I had seen the sea through photos but it was very different to have it in front of the hotel.
  • My confirmation

    My confirmation
    It was a very special day in my life because I was giving myself to God also because all the people I love were accompanying me. I had loved to feel the slap of the priest it was very funny at the time also I had brought my cell phone to take a picture with the priest but I forgot about the emotion
  • My dad

    My dad
    I was 15 when my dad died. I hadn't clung to living with someone other than him. it was very hard for me and my sisters. I had borne my feelings when saying goodbye to him. It was a very ugly year in my life and it will be marked for my whole life.
  • mundo aventura park

    mundo aventura park
    When I went to Mundo Aventura park it was an experience full of adrenaline and emotions but I didn't like it very much because I had to wait a long time to get on an attraction. I had brought food in my suitcase but it was forbidden to enter food and they took it from me, it was a very embarrassing moment for me.