my life

Timeline created by Mr_D22
  • born

    I was born on Jan 6, 2005. I was born in a hospital. came out normal no issues. I left the next day to go home
  • my first words

    my first words
    my first word was dog. then I went on to say, dad and mama. I said dad first. I also had a lot of random things I used to say
  • preschhol

    the first day I was scared. I didn't know what to do. and I did not like being away from home. but I ended up having a lot of fun. and finished preschool
  • being lazy

    being lazy
    when you are a kid you have nothing to do but to live life. every morning I would wake up and watch cartoons with my dad. I would also have a glass of chocolate milk every morning. life was easy.
  • 1st grade

    1st grade
    this was my best year at st john. the reason for that was my teacher. I learned so much from her. one of those things was sing language. this was the best year of school.
  • 3 grade

    3 grade
    this was my worst year. I hated this teacher when I was a kid. now that I'm older I understand where she was coming from. but when I was little I thought she just hated our class.
  • 4 grade

    4 grade
    this grade was weird. we had kids getting married. funerals for a ball. and other weird stuff. this was our last year for recess. that made us all sad.
  • 5 grade

    5 grade
    this was our first year without recess. it took a while for us to get used to it but we did. instead of recess, we had Spanish. none of us knew what we were doing.
  • 6 grade

    6 grade
    this was another year without recess. by this point, we were used to it. but this year we had another strict teacher. we all didn't like her. this year we also started to do big projects
  • 7 grade

    7 grade
    this year we had our math teacher as our homeroom. he was a lot more chill. this year we went on a camping trip with our class. we all had a great time and made new friends.
  • 8 grade

    8 grade
    this year was my second-best year. I had the same teacher from 5 grade. we had our 8th-grade dc trip. and had a great time. made new friends.
  • freshman year

    freshman year
    this year was scuffed. we didn't get to end it with everyone. we didn't have summer sports. and we had online classes. and we dont get to see friends. all because some kid ate a bat.
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    first days at school

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    grade school

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    4 5 grade