My Life

Timeline created by sethapple123
  • Early Years

    I lived in Greensboro, NC and enjoyed with matchbox cars and toy trains. I attended preschool from age two through age five at my church.
  • Event 1

    I was born on July 13, 2002 in Winston-Salem, NC at Forsyth Memorial Hospital.
  • Event 2

    At age 2, I began preschool at First Lutheran School for Young Children in Greensboro, NC.
  • Event 3

    At age 5, I graduated from the Pre-K program at First Lutheran.
  • Elementary Years

    I attended Pilot Elementary from Kindergarten through third grade and returned in fifth grade. I attended Lincoln Academy in fourth grade. I made many new friends in school and throughout my neighborhood and participated in soccer and boy scouts.
  • Event 4

    Began Kindergarten at Pilot Elementary School at age 6.
  • Event 5

    Was selected to attend the Academy at Lincoln's gifted program. After attending, I became anxious and was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. I returned to Pilot in the second grading period of fifth grade.
  • Event 6

    Graduated from Pilot Elementary School
  • Pre-Teen Years

    I attended Jamestown Middle School and learned from many of the teachers. I experienced bullying by my peers and learned to work through it.
  • Event 7

    Started sixth grade at Jamestown Middle School. I really enjoyed my teachers Mr. Holland and Mr. Baker, however, I began to be bullied by some of the other students.
  • Event 8

    I went on a field trip to Busch Gardens in seventh grade and made many new friends.
  • Event 9

    Attended the eighth grade dance at Jamestown Middle School with friends and graduated in June.
  • Event 10

    Began ninth grade at Ragsdale High School. I enjoyed the freedom of meeting new people outside of the AIMM program and did well in my classes.
  • Teen Years

    I attended Ragsdale High School and made new friends. Although I experienced some bullying, I was able to work through issues. I enjoyed helping my classmates in math and with technology.
  • Event 11

    I excelled in Calculus and many students recognized my ability to help others. It helped my self-confidence and solidified my plans to major in computer science.
  • Event 12

    I plan to graduate from high school in June of 2021. I plan to apply to college and make plans to attend.
  • Young Adult Years

    I plan to attend a four-year college and graduate with a degree in computer science. I hope to make many new friends in my major who also enjoy computers and games.
  • Event 13

    I plan to begin my college education at a four-year university. I will take general classes in order to work towards my degree.
  • Event 14

    I plan to enter the computer science school at my university and begin taking my computer related courses. I hope to get an internship in the summer in order to get work experience in my field.
  • Event 15

    I plan to graduate from college with a degree in computer science and secure a job in the gaming industry.
  • Working Years

    I plan to work with a computer gaming company as a game developer. I hope to make many new friends who also enjoy computers and games. I hope to have my first apartment and to be able to support myself.
  • Event 16

    Begin job as a game developer with a computer gaming company in North Carolina.
  • Event 17

    Designed and programmed my first video game. I plan to own my own home and have friends over for gaming nights.
  • Event 18

    I plan to own my own computer gaming company designing video games enjoyed by users around the world.