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  • Day of my birth

    Day of my birth
    I was born on March 13, 2006 at 8:45 p.m.
  • My first day of school

    My first day of school
    My mom decided to study me when I was 3 years old
  • Accident

    Close to turning 4 an accident occurred too serious, which left a scar just above the lip
  • My first sister

    My first sister
    On December 27, 2010 my first sister was born by dad
  • Japan tsunami and earthquake

    Japan tsunami and earthquake
    the world received with great impact the first and shocking images of the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that destroyed a coastal area of ​​Japan
  • My second sister

    My second sister
    On July 8, 2012 my second sister was born by dad
  • death of hugo chavez

    death of hugo chavez
    After 14 years in power, the President of Venezuela dies after a long agony from cancer.
  • First sport

     First sport
    In August 2014 my mom got me to train Sambo which are like mixed martial arts
  • My first communion

     My first communion
    December 13 was an important day for me since they made me a party to celebrate that I had made my first communion
  • Donald Trump's triumph in the US

     Donald Trump's triumph in the US
    On the morning of November 9, the Republican candidate Donald Trump was elected President of the United States for the period 2017-2021
  • Pope Francis visit

    Pope Francis visit
    On September 6, Pope Francis arrived in Colombia on a pastoral visit that lasted five days and had not been present for 31 years, when Pope John Paul II was in the country.
  • Iván Duque, new president of Colombia

     Iván Duque, new president of Colombia
    The uribismo candidate was chosen in the second round of the presidential elections, ahead of Gustavo Petro and with more than 10.3 million votes
  • My third sister

    My third sister
    On December 19 my third sister was born by dad
  • Australia on fire

     Australia on fire
    the smoke caused by the devastating fires that affect Australia, which reached Argentina among other countries in South America