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Timeline created by juancamiloyolap
  • World year of physics

    Was declared by numerous physical organizations around the world
  • Tesla year

    150th anniversary year of the birth of the well-known physicist Nikola tesla
  • Heo Jung-eun was born

    South koreqn actress
  • International year of planet earth

    This year was named by the ONU
  • Alvin and the chimpmunks 2

    In this year the second part of the saga came out
  • Avatar

    On january 25 the avatar film by jamed cameron becomes the highest grossing
  • Japan tsunami and earthquake

    On march 11 these events happened that destroyed the coastal area of japan
  • Obama re-elected

    Prevailed with the popular vote and more than 300 electoral delegates
  • Hugo chaves dies

    After 14 years in power he dies from a long agony form cáncer
  • Downed aircraft of malaysia airlines

    Completely disappeared form the radar
  • March 18th

    Benjamin Netanyacho is re-elected in Israel
  • America rise

    After 5 years in b the america de cali manages to rise to the first division
  • Macron president

    France elects emmanuel macron as president
  • Cuba

    End of the Castro era in Cuba
  • America champion

    On december 7 america after 11 years he returned to be champion getting his star 14 and also returned to the libertadores cup
  • Covid-19