Timeline created by anderson rivera torres
  • I conquered her

    I conquered her
    Nine years ago I conquered she, we went to the movies, we listened to romantic songs and I written love letters , to do she happy
  • we celebrated Halloween

    we celebrated Halloween
    three years ago we celebrated halloween, I ate a lot of sweets, i wore a clown mask, that night was fun.
  • we traveled to the beach

    we traveled to the beach
    Two years ago I traveled to the beach with my wife and daughter, we arrived the hotel, the next day we enjoyed the beach and sun
  • we celebrate my birthday

    we celebrate my birthday
    A year ago we celebrated birthdays, we were happy, we ate cake and some drinks
  • I shared the gifts

    I shared the gifts
    It was the christmas 2019, i shared the gifts, i listened music of christmas, i shared with my family. i loved it christmas
  • we had a few drinks

    we had a few drinks
    In January I visited the disco with my wife, i danced salsa and have a few drinks, we enjoyed the music and the site