My Timeline

Timeline created by Estefany Marin
  • The day of my birth

    The day of my birth
  • My first vaccine.

    My first vaccine.
    I still keep my vaccination card.
  • My first development check.

    My first development check.
    I also keep this card.
  • My first move.

    My first move.
    It was the first time that I changed my house, coincidentally the next day was my birthday number 2.
  • My first costume party.

    My first costume party.
    It was my first time at such a party, in the photo I was with my favorite Barney doll. Although that scared me.
  • My preschool graduation.

    My preschool graduation.
    I am receiving my diploma and that is my teacher.
  • Death of my great-grandmother.

  • My sister's birth.

    My sister's birth.
    On the ultrasound, my sister must be around six gestation.
  • My primary graduation.

    My primary graduation.
    Again I am with my teacher.
  • My high school graduation.

    My high school graduation.
  • The beginning of a new stage.

    The beginning of a new stage.
    This day represents a before and after in my life, new things came and are happening.