NASA International Space Stations

Timeline created by cod freak669
  • Russian Control Module Launched

    Russian Control Module Launched
    This was the first module lauched. This module was called Zarya.
  • Unity Launched to Join with Zarya

    Unity Launched to Join with Zarya
    Unity will become the foundation of the space staion.
  • Zveda launched

    Zveda launched
    Zveda is a service module that wa launched to add to the space station.
  • Astronauts Sent On Wing Mission

    Astronauts Sent On Wing Mission
    On Dec 3 Astronauts were sent to the international space station to place the wings on this massive station.
  • Destiny Lauched as a New Part

    Destiny Lauched as a New Part
    Aboard the shutle Atlantis, Destiny arrived to add a new room onto the station.
  • Robotic arm launched

    Robotic arm launched
    This robotic arm was launched to help the astronauts move materials outside the space station.
  • Astronauts outside airlock

    Astronauts outside airlock
    The first astronauts have finally left the station out into space being out there about 385 km above earth.
  • Pirs launched to space station

    Pirs launched to space station
    Pirs is a addition to the space station. It gives the station additional docking station.
  • Columbus launched

    Columbus launched
    Columbus is the primary research centre for the space station. It provides such facilities as a generic labratory.
  • Tranquilty

    Tranquility is the node that holds the advanced life support system.
  • Cupola

    Cupola is the observatory module providing the ship with a direct view of the earth.
  • Rassvet

    Rassvet is a docking station and a cargo storage for the space station.
  • Leonardo

    Leonardo is a storage module for spare parts and supplies. This gives them more time without a stock up mission.