Natalie Gallardo and Pip

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    These seven events have a significance in Pip's development throughout Great Expectations.
  • Pip Helps Magwitch

    Pip experiences his first feelings of guilt as he helps Magwitch, the convict, by bring him food and a file. He feels as if he had betrayed Joe and Joe's kindness. The role this plays in Pip's development is that Pip begins to carry this baggage and it continues to grow throughout the novel.
  • The Satis House

    Pip meets Miss Havisham as well as Estella, the girl who he falls for instantly. The significance of this event is that Pip has motivation to become a gentleman now. The most important relationship in his life had just began when he met Estella.
  • Mrs. Joe is Attacked

    Pip's life takes a small detour as Mrs. Joe is attacked. He realizes that although he was frightened by her much of the time, he cared for her a lot. He began to worry for her and felt guilty again because the person who attacked her was supposedly a convict, and Pip worried that it was his convict.
  • Herbert Pocket and London

    Pip meets Herbert Pocket in London, and they instantly take a liking to each other. Pip had a lot going on at home, but now in London, he is to focus on his gentleman training. Herbert is now friends with Pip and this is significant because Pip now has another friend. Herbert is special to Pip because in their relationship, there is never a wrong turn. Unlike Pip's friendship with Biddy or Joe.
  • Magwitch Returns

    Pip meets his convict again and learns that he is Pip's benefactor. This has a huge effect on Pip since he thought that Miss Havisham was his benefactor and that she wanted him to marry Estella. Now, he no longer believes that they were meant to be. He loses hope.
  • Magwitch Dies

    Another interesting turn for Pip is that as his benefactor dies, he realizes how much he cared for him. When he had reappeared, he only wanted Magwitch gone. Now that Magwitch is dead, he only wants him back. This is significant to Pip's story because Pip grows determined to be with Estella since she is Magwitch's daughter.
  • Biddy and Joe Marry

    Pip returns home after Magwitch's death to marry Biddy, but is instead welcomed by a surprise: Biddy is already married to Joe. The significance is that, throught all of Pip's selfishness, he congratulations them through his sorrow. He had overcome all of his obstacles and now can return to Herbert, his friend, and work for the man who he had helped when he had the money.
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    These seven experiences have had a great impact on my life and their roles will be described as the events are written.
  • Sebby's Birth

    Sebby's Birth
    My little brother was born and I experienced a new sort of love, the kind that made me protective of someone else. I knew that he would be looking up to me more than anyone else, and the significance was that I knew I had to be a good role model. I didn't want to better myself for my own benefit, but for Sebastian's.
  • Tae Kwon Do (The Beginning)

    Tae Kwon Do (The Beginning)
    I have taken over seven years of Tae Kwon Do lessons. Everyday, class was about discipline, releasing stress, and just good exercise. I had grown up among many kids and adults who enjoyed this form of Martial Arts with me. I learned a lot about how to focus, have self control, and how a family is not dictated by blood.
  • Teddy's Death

    Teddy's Death
    Teddy Bone was my first puppy, and he lived to be seven. He grew up with me, and was the best part of my family to me for a long time. I adored him, but I was scared of him because he would always jump on me and lick me. I was frightened that I would fall or hurt myself, so I didn't go outside to play with him. When he died, I regretted not spending time with him because I learned that we can lose the people we love very easily. I learned that we should never take anything for granted.
  • Three Week Vacation in Romania

    Three Week Vacation in Romania
    I was only eight years old when I went to Romania with my little brother, Sebastian, and my grandparents. The trip was meant for visiting my great grandparents as well as the many friends that my grandparents had to leave behind on their journey to America with my mother. But along with each person, was the story of what they went through during the Revolution in Romania. At eight years old, I learned to appreciate the many things I have and how lucky I am just to be alive.
  • Tataie's Cancer

    Sometime after our return from Romania, my grandpa went to the doctor for a few tests and came out knowing that he had prostate cancer. The significance is that this is the "most common cause of death from cancer in men" (Para. 2). My grandpa could have died if he had not treated this early. He, along with my grandma, mean so much to me that from this event, I realized how easily I could lose them.
  • Acceptance Letter from Oxford

    I got the acceptance letter from Oxford and broke down because I knew that this would be a completely new chapter in my life, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to handle it. The significance of this event in my life is that whenever one of my old teachers would ask me if I still go to Oxford, I pride myself in saying that I am. I now know the meaning of hard work and I have to keep working hard to make it into this world as it keeps evolving.
  • Promotion at Lord Baden Powell Elementary School

    The last day of the 6th grade, my elementary school had a promotion. I knew that I would be going to a different school than the rest of my friends and I didn't want to lose them. The significance of this event is that I found true friends, who didn't leave me just because I went to another school. I found the meaning of friendship.