Neils Bohr

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  • Neils Bohr Birth

    Neils Bohr Birth
    Niel Bohr was born in Copenhagen. He was the, son of Christian Bohr, and Ellen Adler. Christian was Professor of Physiology at Copenhagen University. His father was an eminent physiologist and was largely responsible for awakening his interest in physics.
  • Nobel Prize in Physics

    Nobel Prize in Physics
    Bohr won the Nobel Prize in Physics "for his services in the investigation of the structure of atoms and of the radiation emanating from them." (could not find a date that it was actually awarded to him, it was just in the year of 1922)
  • Bohr VS Einstein

    Bohr VS  Einstein
    In 1925 Bohr and Einstein got into a debate on quantum mechanics.
    Bohr idea on quantum mechanics was that is was solid no matter what. Einstein did not agree, however, this was not Einstein's area of expertise. This debate actually lasted years. Bohr would end up using Einstein's own theory against him.
  • Atomic Energy

    Atomic Energy
    In 1955 Bohr worked at IAEA. Bohr correctly proposed that the energy and radii of the orbits of electrons in atoms are quantized, with energy for transitions between orbits given by ∆E = hf = Ei − Ef, where ∆E is the change in energy between the initial and final orbits and hf is the energy of an absorbed or emitted photon.