Timeline created by REIDsESS
  • 9,000 BCE

    People start settling down in 1 place

  • Period:
    9,000 BCE
    3,000 BCE


  • 8,000 BCE

    Farming begins

  • 7,000 BCE

    Animals raised as food sources

  • 6,500 BCE

    material named flax is grown and begins to make clothes

  • 5,000 BCE

    In south asia the community of catal hoyuk begins to grow vegtables wheat and barley

  • 4,999 BCE

    Farming areas expand farming spreads and farming communities develop

  • We start to move into the copper age

  • Agriculture begins in some areas of central europe

  • more areas start farming such as europe

  • The plow replaces the digging stick to dig and plant more items