Bringing Netball to America (2020-2022)

Timeline created by Puerilec
  • Research

    Research and learn about the history, rules, players, and other dynamics of Netball
  • Monitor Netball in the U.K.

    Monitor competition progression domestically, as well as fan base and financial markets.
  • Interview (Fan Passion)

    Interview fans, players, officials and sponsors to see if they have developed emotional connections over their time involved in the sport.
  • Market Analysis

    Research the costs of bringing the sport to the United States.
    (Ex. venue expenses, team costs, economic impact within home city)
  • Focus Groups

    introduce Netball to different groups of people and record the impact the sport has on them physically, as well as their involvement in the game.
  • Profitability

    Compare the Market Analysis, Interview notes, and the Focus group data to determine if Netball will be profitable in the American market.
  • Create marketing plan

    Develop a plan about how to advertise, market, and implement the sport in the U.S.
  • Investors

    Present the Marketing plan to potential investors in the competitive sports market.
  • Recruit players

    Gather a following in the local communities including developing players for competitive play.
    (refer to Focus Groups about how to bring the sport to the public)
  • Implement advertising plan

    Advertise the sport to the mass public, through multiple media channels. Find out what individuals like and dislike about the sport
  • Plan Events

    Work with medium to large size venues wiling to introduce a new sport to the area.
  • Reasses current state

    Adapt and change advertising, as well as our marketing plan, to reach out market segment
  • Host inital event

    Host an initial event that will become the a the main event for showcasing the sport.
    (Ex. Gus Macker)
  • Feedback

    Gather feedback from the market (players, fans, sponsors) and look to improve upon any short comings in the overall experience individuals may have.
  • Implement schedule

    create a regular season that the games can be broadcasted to sports fans
  • School/Recreational particaipation

    involve schools, group, and the community in playing the sport.
    (modified leagues)
  • Create National Championships

    Create a league in which franchises can compete on a national level with the highest level players on the court.
    (Ex. NFL Superbowl)
  • Merchandise

    Create merchandise for fans.
    (advertise the sport non-digitally)
    (Ex. shirts, hats, equipment, trading cards)
  • Adapt strategies

    Ongoing event to modify and adapt marketing strategies to effectively capture a portion of the competitive sports market segment.