No More Dead Dogs

Timeline created by Eric99
  • Wallace Wallace's dad divorces with his mom

    Wallace's dad always lies and causes his mom to divorce with him. This is also the day Wallace decides to never lie again.Also the more his dad lies, the more Wallace tells the truth.
  • Wallace gets in detention and upsets his football team

    Wallace gives Mr.Fogelman his book review about "Old Shep,My Pal" and says it's terrible, causing Mr.Fogelman to give Wallace a detention until he says something good about the book. His football teammates are very dissappointed because he's in detention.
  • Wallace serves detention in the school play

    He goes to the play of "Old Shep,My Pal"for detention,where Mr.Fogelman is the director. Wallace is unhappy and writes another bad book review to prove he read the book but it doesn't work. Rachel Turner( a serious actress) starts to dislike Wallace and her friend Trudy Davis starts to love Wallace and Dylan, Rachel's younger brother, also likes Wallace because he won last year's football championship,when Wallace actually accidentally won it and usually always sits on the bench.
  • Wallace helps out the play

    The play people see "OLD SHEP,DEAD MUTT" sprayed onto the prop house, and people start accusing him, but he only tells the truth and he said he didn't do it.He also hands to Mr.Fogelman another review but it just listed reasons why the book was bad.Wallace pointed out that the characters say things that sound stupid and people start asking him for suggestions on changing their lines.
  • Another attack on the play

    Trudi starts to like Wallace more and more and was determined to clear Wallace's name when she walks in the drama department. She then sees that somebody tied up all the cables, the cords, the wires, and the curtain rope into a ball that was 4 feet tall.Rick (a football member) also types up a report for Wallace that says that the book is very good.
  • Period: to

    things get worse

    Trudi falls more and more in love with Wallace, and Mr.Fogelman and Rachel get more and more infuriated and angry as Wallace keeps suggesting more and more ridiculous suggestions. There were also 2 more attacks on the play, a giant pepper bomb, and someone poured maple syrup over Mr.Fogelman's play notes.
  • Period: to

    Mr.Fogelman takes over

    When Wallace suggests for "Old Shep" to be a stuffed dog on a remote control car, and Mr. Fogelman finally decides to do the play originally without any of Wallace's suggestions, but than slowly the people turn up later and more and more people are absent. By the time there are only 5 people,Mr. Fogelman reluctantly let's them do things the "Wallace way". Wallace also fails to sneak into watching a his team's football team, which causes his team to lose and make's his team dislike him even more.
  • Period: to

    Wallace tries to fix things

    Wallace tells the school's reporter about him trying to find the person ruining the play, but the reporter says that's his excuse for not doing his book report.Also Wallace's football team completely abandon him because of what's happened before except for 2 people,including Rick.
  • Period: to

    The play gets better

    Wallace feels more connected to the play and adds Lazlo on a moped who will run over "Old Shep" and Rory will be a rollerblading dogcatcher who will chase the dog into the moped. Rachel decides to tell Fogelman about it but finds someone put syrup on the play papers. When they find Wallace they see Rory and Laszlo and admit it's pretty amazing. Then someone wants to be on rollerblades too and Fogelman let's everything continue like this. Fogelman decides to let Wallace off detention.
  • Fogelman let's Wallace off of detention

    Wallace also adds a rock and roll band to the play,when Fogelman let's Wallace off of detention. Wallace felt angry because Mr.Fogelman wasn't letting HIM off, he was letting him off.However, he decides to quit the football team and go to the drama room because he feels that the drama people really stood by him and"why should the play be so lousy, when it could be so great?". Another attack on the play happened and a bunch of marbles were rolled down towards the rollerblading people.
  • Mr. Fogelman becomes a band member

    Rachel saw Wallace was changing more things with his "suggestions",she saw that Fogelman was playing with the band and he looked as young and carefree as the band members. Fogelman decided to change it so someone else could direct the play and he would play in the band during the play.
  • The drama people help rake Wallace's yard

    Wallace got up on Saturday and found that the entire drama club was raking his yard when Wallace only accidentally mentioned it to one of the drama people. Then Wallace's ex best friend from the football team showed up and they got into an argument that only Rachel heard.Wallace said that the football team put in one-sixteenth the effort of what the drama club are putting into the play. Wallace taught Fogelman that if you get the play to play to the talents of the students then it will be great.
  • Wallace gets banned from going to the rehearsals and the performance

    Somebody shredded 45 scripts of the play,and they found Wallace's old football jersey under the paper shreds. Wallace said that he's never seen that shirt all year but everyone doesn't believe him,including Trudi. Strangely, Rachel's the only one who believes Wallace.Rachel goes to Wallace's house and asks him about the jersey, he replies "These jerseys, they get passed around like chicken pox." Then she finds out Wallace never lies and that he was always on the bench.
  • Wallace saves the play pt.1

    Wallace sneaks into the play because he suspects it'll be the "sweetest target of all" and all of the football members were at the play.He runs into Rachel and tells her that he thinks there'll be an attack on the play.The play went amazingly and everything was so exhilarating. He saw that the football people were fidgeting in their seats, but some were applauding and cheering with the audience. But he saw Rick's seat was empty he followed Rick but he was just getting a camera to show Wallace.
  • Wallace saves the play pt.2

    They had a conversation and Wallace said it had to be a football teammate, but Rick argued that millions of fans could've had it, then Wallace remembered that the coach had the whole thing on tape. He found out who it was on the videotape but he didn't say who.He went back stage and found Dylan Turner, (one of his fans, and the one who yelled "It's Wallace!". He revealed that he put a cherry bomb on Old Shep, and that they changed the ending, because of Wallace's idea, so that Old Shep was still
  • Wallace saves the play pt.3

    Wallace snatched a pillow from the props and sprinted on stage and jumped onto "Old Shep" and there was an explosion of plush animal, hair and pillow stuffing. But than they continued the play and sang "Shep is okay! Hip hip hooray! He'll live to bark another day!", except that Shep was on fire. All of the audience was laughing and the play ended. Rachel came to Wallace and asked if Rick was the culprit. But then he blurted out "It was me".
  • After math

    Dylan was grounded for 800 years. Rachel discovered Dylan hiding in a tree and that he was the culprit. Trudi falls in love with Wallace's ex-best friend and Rachel and Wallace started to like each other.