Noam Chomsky (07DEC1928 - Present)

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  • Current Issues in Linguistic Theory

    Current Issues in Linguistic Theory
    Chomsky wrote Current Issues in Linguistic Theory to present his hypotheses concerning general features in human language. In an attempt to account for a certain range of linguistic phenomenas. This video is the best to summaries his main hypotheses on language.
  • Aspects of the Theory of Syntax

    An additional novel where Chomsky describes Generative grammar is a theory of grammar, that is based on the idea that all humans have an innate language capacity. Also lays out the two basic description of sentences. The deep structure and the surface structure. The link below is a video from an interview describing how humans already know how to use words in sentences.
  • Cartesian Linguistics

    Cartesian linguistics refers to a form of linguistics developed during the time of Rene Descartes. A quote from Chomsky, “one fundamental contribution of what we have been calling Cartesian linguistics, is the observation that human language, in its normal use, is free from the control of independently identifiable external stimuli or internal states and is not restricted to any practical communicative function, in contrast, for example, to the pseudo language of animals.”
  • The Minimalist Program

    Chomsky presents Minimalist Program as a program, not as a theory, following Imre Lakatos's distinction. The Minimalist Program seeks to be a mode of inquiry characterized by the flexibility of the multiple directions that its minimalism enables. Ultimately, the MP provides a conceptual framework used to guide the development of linguistic theory.
  • Summary

    Noam Chomsky revolutionize the way we look at linguistics. Starting how with humans already being biologically hardwired to learn and use language. Creating the term Universal Grammar being the theory of the genetic component of the language faculty. Chomsky set a new way of thinking on how we think of basic linguistics that will challenge new philosophers. Chomsky also setting a baseline ideology of the way babies start learning.
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