Nomination Process

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  • Primary/ caucus

    Each state conducts either a primary or a caucus from January to May prior to the November elections. The purpose is to narrow down all the Republican and Democratic candidates for President. 19 states use caucus
    31 states use primary
  • The National Convention

    The National Convention
    Official public meeting of party delegates to vote on the party's candidates. The part develops its "platform"
    Delegates official nomincate the presidnetial candidate, and the presidential candidate picks the VP
  • General Election

    General Election
    Held every 4 years. The election is geld on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in the month of May.

    From August to November the 2 candidates HEAVILY campaign against each other!
  • Electoral College

    Electoral College
    Citizens votes are taken to the Electoral College for them to make the offical decision.
    Electors are sent to the College by their sate and their party.
    Electors vote on the Monday following the second wednesday in the month of December.
  • Inauguration

    The President is sworn in on January 20th, which is when he officially begins his job!