obsolete products

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  • The phone book

    The phone book
    The phone book was a book that contained the number of every person and business in your area. this was extremely helpful in a time where you had to remember any important phone numbers. the phone book became irrelevant when the ability to store important phone numbers digitally became widely available. being able to look up phone numbers on the internet was also a major factor that led to the death of the phone book.
  • The gramaphone

    The gramaphone
    The gramophone was one of the first widely used ways to play recorded music. It was eventually replaced with cassette records.
  • Polaroid cameras

    Polaroid cameras
    Polaroid cameras were devices that could take and instantly develop pictures. they became popular in the lat 1940s and early-mid 1950s. They were replaced by digital cameras.
  • TV guides

    TV guides
    TV guides were small leaflets that would tell you what shows were playing. This would allow you to plan your week, so you could do everything you needed to, while still being able to watch TV. The invention of digital guides made this obsolete
  • The pager

    The pager
    Pagers were simple devices that could be used to send small messages to other people. Its hayday was short due to the invention of texting and mobile phones
  • Cassette recorders

    Cassette recorders
    Cassette recorders were a device that could be used to record and listen to songs. They became popular due to their portability, and rapidly advancing technology quickly granted cassette tapes the ability to play songs with relatively high quality. they were eventually replaced by CDs.
  • Video rental stores

    Video rental stores
    The first rental store was opened in December of 1927. This type of store would rent movies or video games to customers. It saw major success until the early 2000s. Nowadays, most video rental stores have gone out of business. The invention of online streaming services such as Netflix has been the main cause of this decline.
  • The Macintosh (Mac)

    The Macintosh (Mac)
    The Macintosh, better known as the Mac, was one of the first computers to be widely available to the public. Compared to today's computers, the mac was quite slow. but it was revolutionary for its time. It was eventually replaced by stronger computers.
  • Windows (OS)

    Windows (OS)
    The first version of the windows OS was created in 1985, and was very simple. however, this rudimentary piece of software was one of the first OSs, and helped create the foundation for OSs today. It was replaced by
  • Source (engine)

    Source (engine)
    Source is a game engine released by valve. It was commonly used during the early-mid 2000's, and saw some highly influential products made using it. It was eventually replaced with stronger engines and source 2.