Pablo Picasso

Timeline created by aurbina
  • Pablo born in Málaga, Spain.

    Mother- María Picasso y López
    Father- José Ruiz
  • Period: to


  • Picasso began to study at the school of Fine Arts.

    By the age of 14 Picasso was studying at this school under the instructions of his father.
  • Picasso and his family moved to Barcelona, Spain

    When him and his family got there he was eaily able to get into the School of Fine Arts.
  • Picasso was admitted as an advanced student at the Royal Academy

    Picasso had one month to complete the entrance exam, but instead he finished the entrance exam in just one day.
  • Picasso had his first one-man exhibition

    This one-man exhibition was done with Ambroise Vollard.
  • Picasso's Blue Period started.

    During this time Picasso was deeply depressed because of things going on in his personal life, so all paintings had some sort of dark and moody feeling to them.
  • Picasso set up his permanent studio in Paris.

    The studio soon became a gathering place for modern artists, writers, and patrons.
  • Picasso's Blue Period ended.

  • The beginning of Picasso's Rose Period.

    During this time things were getting better in Picasso's personal life, the colors in his paintings seemed to be more natural and he often used reddish and pink tones.
  • End of Picosso's Rose Period.

  • Picasso started his African-Influenced Period

    At this time his paintings were inspired by African artifacts.
  • Picasso painted "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon".

    Les Demoiselles d'Avignon is a large oil painting that was painted in 1907. The painting includes 5 prostitutes from a brothel in Barcelona. This painting was also considered his first cubist painting.
  • Picasso cofounds cubism along with Georges Braque.

    A style developed by Picasso and Braque that uses neutral colors, both artists took apart shapes and analyzed them.
  • End of African- Influenced period.

  • Picasso begins his Classicist Period.

    During this time Picasso referred back to more classical ways of painting.
  • Picasso painted "Three Musicians"

    In this painting Picasso has painted three musicians from abstract shapes. On the left is a clarinet player, in the middle there is a guitar player, and on the right is a singer holding sheet music.
  • Picasso begins working on "The Minotauromachy"

    This scene is full of symbolic content and is very difficult to intrpret. This drawing was executed when Picasso's life was disordered.
  • Picasso begins to work on "The Dream and Lie of Franco"

    The photos in "The Dream and Lie of Franco" were meant to be published as postcards to raise money for the Spanish Republican government.
  • Picasso starts to sketch drawings for his mural, "Guernica".

    Picasso started sketching this mural to show the horrors of the bombing in the town of Guernica.
  • Picasso begins to draw compositional drawings for his mural.

    He keeps sketching studies throughout the process of painting the mural.
  • Picasso finishes drawing these compositional drawings for his mural.

  • Picasso starts to paint on his first huge canvas.

    First photograph of the mural was taken during this time too. The photo was taken by Dora Maar.
  • "Guernica" travels to Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen

    He refused to allow "Guernica to travel to Spain until the country enjoyed "public liberties and democratic intitutions."
  • "Guernica" gets to America to raise funds for Spanish refugees.

    When "Guernica" gets to America he instructs the mural to be in the care of the Museum of Modern Art.
  • Picasso's death

    Picasso dies at the age of 92 in Mougins, France.