Prehistoric Art

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  • Period:
    40,000 BCE
    9,000 BCE

    Paleolithic Era

    40,0000 BCE - 9,000 BCE
    "Old Stone Age"
    nomadic hunter gatherers
    -small, portable freestanding sculptures in the round and reliefs
    style: subtractive, representational but abstracted, non individualistic
    subjects: humans and animals
    made for: fertility, peace, protection, spirituality/animism
    -cave paintings
    style: twisted/composite perspective, descriptive
    subjects: animals and hands
    made for: sympathetic magic/magico-religion, teaching tools, records, narrative
  • 28,000 BCE

    Nude Woman (Venus of Willendorf)

    Nude Woman (Venus of Willendorf)
    made of limestone
    4" tall
    subtractive, small freestanding sculpture from Willendorf, Austria
    possibly self referential, representational but abstracted, not individualized/a portrait
    may have been worn as necklace
    subject: a woman, geometric forms, exaggerated features, covered face/head
    reasons for creation:
    -peace offering
    -ideal beauty standard
    -matriarchal society
    problematic to label "venus" because of cultural relativity/not making assumptions