Paris Timeline

Timeline created by sammysteinberg
  • Period: to

    History of Fashion in Paris

  • Fashion Capital

    Paris was still known as the fashion capital of the world
  • Declaring War

    Great Britain and France declared war against Germany
  • Courtiers Starting Up

    Several 'courtiers' started showing off their collections again
  • Germany Intruding

    German tanks entered France
  • Entering Paris

    Nazi forces entered Paris
  • Special Ration Cards

    By 1941 about 20,000 women received 'special ration cards' which allowed them to purchase couture clothing. This was targeted to mostly wealthy Parisian women.
  • Clothing Card

    In June there was a clothing card given which gave each person '100 points' which in other words meant modest purchases.
  • Shocked by France

    Paris was liberated but the French were using fabrics to create parachute sleeves, draped bodices, full skirts and trimmed hats.
  • Get The Paris Look

    When the wife of the French ambassador went to London, her clothing seemed very unfamiliar and it was a hit. She was dressed in "a long waisted jacket, knee length skirt and a hat."
  • Dior To The Top

    Christian Dior was the most famous and financially successful designer in France
  • Americans Admiring

    All American women were fascinated by Dior's fashion
  • Jacques Fath's Death

    Jacques Fath's passed away in 1954. He played another huge role alongside Dior. He was known as the 'crown prince' when relating to fashion in Paris.
  • Dior Changing Paris Fashion

    The famous designer brand known as Dior was responsible for more than half of Paris couture exports
  • Courreges Revolution

    Courreges released his Spring /Summer collection which consisted of silver "moon girl" trousers, crisp white mini dresses with matching go go boots , helmets & sunglasses. This was then known as the Courreges Revolution.
  • YSL Ready-to-Wear

    Saint Laurent launched a new ready-to-wear line. He wanted to produce clothing that wasn't 'couture' and was reasonably priced for the women who couldn't afford it.
  • Liking the Idea of Fast Fashion

    Courtiers are even starting to agree with the idea of not paying nearly the same amount for basically the same article of clothing which is when fast fashion comes into play
  • Functional Clothing for the 70's

    The people wanted 'wearable' clothing. This was a time of hippies, feminism, and people going against what they were told.
  • Battle of Versailles

    A historical fashion show named the "Battle of Versailles" in the Palace of Versailles to raise money for its restoration.
  • Still the Fashion Capital

    Diana Vreeland stated that "Paris is still the fashion capital of the world" even in 1983
  • LVMH was Founded

    LVMH was founded which was the largest luxury conglomerate in the world.
  • Shanghai with Fashion

    In 2000 the mayor of Shanghai expressed how he thought they would be the worlds sixth fashion captial
  • Camila Morton

    In 2014, Camila Morton the author of "How to Walk in High Heels" states how couture is justified as the red carpet