Past, Present and Future Timeline

Timeline created by MMcBride8
  • 445


    Pericles was a politician in Athens. The age of Pericles was 445-429 BC. Greece was making new achievements in art, theater, architecture and philosophy. Pericles assumed rule of Athens. He wanted to pursue Democracy. They ran out the conservationist Athenia leader and this marked the true beginning of democracy. I chose Pericles because he started from wealth but made a name for himself and accomplished things her father and uncle could not.
  • 1087

    Middle Ages

    William the Conqueror, from 1066-1087. William squashed a rebellion and established his authority expanding his power to neighboring countries. Defeated his own blood to gain the throne that he thought he should rightfully have. Continental domains kept his driving for more power and territory. Threats of invasion by England caused William to order the compilation of land holdings in England. I chose William because he came from an illegitimate status and rose to be one of the finest rulers.
  • 1572

    Renaissance Reformation

    John Knox: 1560-1561. Knox led the Protestant Reformation in Scotland, and served as the religious leader of the Protestants. I chose Knox because I am Scottish as well and found his life interesting.
  • Enlightenment

    Benjamin Franklin: 1706-1790.Helped draft Declaration of Independence, and inventor of electricity. Known as Franklin the scientist more that Franklin the diplomat. Franklin was an all round person who had a handle in many things.
  • Ages of Progress

    William Carey: 1761-1834. Set the pattern for modern missionary work and the founder of the English Baptist Missionary society (1792). Translated the Bible into multiple different languages. Interesting man that went from England to India as a missionary to help spread the word.
  • Modern Period

    Ronald Reagan: 1981-1989. Was called the Great Communicator, Reagan became a popular two-term president. He cut taxes, increased defense spending, negotiated a nuclear arms reduction agreement with the Soviets and is credited with helping to bring a quicker end to the Cold War. I was a young child during the Reagan Era and remember seeing people respect him and what he did.
  • Postmodernism, Science/Technology and Recent

    Postmodernism is based on a form of knowledge that one person/group adopts first to lead by example or is an advocate to others.
  • Future

    Within the next 15 years I believe that ethnicity will change the to drive future leadership. With current situations I believe that issues will be pushed to have a large shift in leadership of changing ethnic backgrounds. I believe the days of the "good ole boy" system are over.
  • Future

    By the time I am 73 (30 years) , I believe that leadership will have done a complete turn around 180 degrees and will be the opposite of what I have grown up with. I think that the world will be a different place, crime will be up, police departments will be taken over by corrupt people which will make it harder for people to be trusted and live a sustainable life.