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  • Formation of the NFL

    Formation of the NFL
    Organized football has been played since the mid to late 1800's with the first game being played in 1869.The NFL was founded in the year 1920. 10 teams joined the league, and by the end of the first season 4 more teams joined. Before the league was named the NFL it was called the APFA (American Professional Football Association) the leagues name changed happened in the year 1922.
  • First televised NFL game

    First televised NFL game
    On October 22, 1939 the NFL, for the first time in its own history was able to televise a game. This game was played by the Philadelphia Eagles and the Brooklyn Dodgers. NBC was the broadcasting company who broadcasted the game on a experimental station.
  • The 1943 season

    The 1943 season
    During this 1943 season the NFL was faced with a problem when the NFL had a massive shortage of players. World War 2 was in full swing during this time and many of the NFL's players and staff were sent off to help the war efforts. The teams had to adapt and combine their teams in order to field a proper team, this attracted much attention due to how unique the situation was.
  • The Patriots arrive on the NFL scene

    The Patriots arrive on the NFL scene
    On February 20, 1960 the Patriots were now an official team of the NFL. Owner Billy Sullivan purchased the team along with other investors all during the creation of the AFC which took place the same year.
  • The merger of the AFL and the NFL

    The merger of the AFL and the NFL
    On June 8, 1966 The AFL and the NFL announced that they will no longer be rivals but partners. The NFL would absorb all of the AFL teams which would also create the Superbowl. The first Superbowl played reached an average of 40 million viewers.
  • The NFL and Gatorade

    The NFL and Gatorade
    The NFL makes Gatorade an official sponsor, allowing the NFL and Gatorade to expand their brands.
  • Patriots take to the internet

    With the new advancements in technology, the internet will become a large asset. The team added many things to the website like current team events, stats, highlights, and merchandise.

    Tom Brady was drafted by the patriots in the 2000 NFL draft in the 6th round. Little did the patriots know that Tom Brady was going to be the face of their franchise for many years to come. Tom Brady will bring much success to the Patriots and will draw the attention of football fans everywhere for 20 years.
  • Gillette stadium

    Gillette stadium
    The Patriots have found their new home at Gillette stadium. With Gillette being the Patriots main sponsor both organizations promote themselves through each other. The new stadium also drew much attention from fans who wanted to visit the brand new home of the Patriots.
  • Patriots make their Facebook account

    Patriots make their Facebook account
    With social media being very new and extremely popular, the Patriots make a page. The Patriots Facebook account has the second most followers out of all the other NFL teams. With 6.6 million Facebook followers they are not to far behind the Cowboys at number one with 8.6 million.
  • The Patriots success

    Sometimes when dealing with sports, marketing the team is out of the hands of the marketing team in the hands of the players. Since the year 2000 the Patriots are considered to be the best in the NFL, winning 6 super bowls in those 20 years. Fans are drawn to successful teams and will support those teams in any way.