Paul Walker

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  • Birth the Paul

    Birth the Paul
    Was born Paul walker
  • Auditions for magazines and tv

    Auditions for magazines and tv
    The mother of Paul Walker began carry it auditions of commercials, magazines and tv.
  • The closet monster

    The closet monster
    His first movie was "The closet monster"
  • Movie Pleasantville

    Movie Pleasantville
    His first experience in the cinema of Hollywood was in with the movie Pleasantville
  • Paul's daughter is born

    Paul's daughter is born
    His daughter named Meadow Rain Walker who was born on November 4th; 1998. How result ir her brief relatiomship with Rebecca McBrain
  • People magazine

    People magazine
    Was chosen by magazine people as one of the fifty people more beautiful of the world.
  • The Fast and the Furious

    The Fast  and the Furious
    Jumped to the fame when interpreted Brian O'Conner Fast and the furious
  • Walker travaled to Chile

    Walker travaled to Chile
    Walker travaled to Chile to offer his help to the people affected by the earthquake of 8.8 degrees of magnitude.
  • Tribute to Paul Walker

    Tribute to Paul Walker
    The song see You Again of Wiz Khalifa shape part of the sountrack of Fast and Furious 7 and is in tribute to Paul Walker.
  • Dies

    He dies on November 30th;2013 at age 40 for one accident of Traffic