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  • Francis Pegahmagabow

    Francis Pegahmagabow
    Francis Pegahmagabow is one of the members of the very first Canadian Infantry Battalion and also fought at the battle of Ypres in April 1915.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Allison Borden

    Lieutenant Colonel Allison Borden
    Lieutenant Colonel Allison Borden, was the Canada's Prime Minister Robert Borden. On February 14th 1916, he wrote a letter that was sent to teachers from Nova Scotia. Lt. Col. Borden was using that letter to recruit 3,500 men.
  • Mae Belle Sampson

    Mae Belle Sampson
    The first nurse from the Hamilton location to enlist to go overseas during the the World War 1 was Mae Belle Sampson. She was also an member of the Canadian Army Medical Corps.
  • World War 1 Ended

    World War 1 Ended
    The germans sign agreement for peace in 1918.
  • League Of Nation was Created

    League Of Nation was Created
    The League of Nations held there very first Executive Council meeting in January of 1920, consisting of the major members.
  • Woman Gain the Right to Vote

    Woman Gain the Right to Vote
    A woman name Margaret Brent from Virginia, ask the right for woman to vote in the state’s House of Burgesses. Then in the 1920, were allowed women to vote.
  • The Worst Terrorist Attack in the 1920s

    The Worst Terrorist Attack in the 1920s
    A massive, explosive was detonated taken place in Wall Street on September 16, 1920.
  • First Radio Broadcast

    First Radio Broadcast
    The very first radio station started broadcasting live in November 1920 during the presidential election.
  • Mary Pickford

    Mary Pickford
    Born in Toronto and became the most popular in Hollywood in the 1920s. Also became the founding member of the internation academy of motion picture arts and sciences which in today is called the oscars.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    In 1929, the stock market crashed which cause the Great Depression. The decisions that were made in the process which was investing the margin that impact the stock market led to the crash.