Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Timeline created by wall-e
  • percy vaporizes his pre-algebra teacher

    percy vaporizes his pre-algebra teacher
    when percy and mrs.Dodds go into the museum, mrs. Dodds suddenly turns into a greek mythologcal monster and mr. Brunner hands him a bronze pin but then it turns into a sword and percy destroys mrs.Dodds.
  • three old ladies knit the socks of death

    three old ladies knit the socks of death
    percy and grover get out of te bus and see a market across the road with boxes of fruit everywhere and see three ladie s sitting in rocking chairs knitting the biggest socks percy had ever seen. the ladies on the sides knitted one sock each and the ladie in the middle had a basket of electric blue yarn...
  • Percy ditches Grover

    Percy ditches Grover
    Percy ditches grover because Grover was freaking out and lokking at Percy like he was a dead man. Grover told percy to wait for him to get off the bus but percy grabbed his suit case and got the closest taxi there was.
  • Percy and his mom go to the cabin Percys step dad jerk keeps bossing him around his mom is like a living paradise when suddenly she wants to go to the cabin on the beach .Percys dad keeps bugging percy around about not getting a scrach on his camaro. when they get to the cabin they make a fire and start roasting marshmellows and talking about there life and percys time at school.
  • The Arrival

    The Arrival
    When Percy and his mom are sleeping Grover comes Banging on the door seeing if he was in there we let him in and he said hes been looking all over for him. His mom said "rember what i said last night about sumer camp?" they all got in the camaro and drove down the street and finally got to the place. camp half blood.

    a big boom hit the the car they thoughtthey had flipped. but they look up and the roof of the car had been split open, lightning, percy's mom said but then grover was all bloody and it looked like he was run over he moaned fooddd. they just saw in a distance a big shaped character like big horns and a gigantic body it then started charging down hilltowards us . they have terrible sight and spectacular hearing. i picked up grover and helped my momthe minotoaur picked up the car and threw it.
  • Clarice

    Clarice is a big bully. She is the daughter of Ares and she hates me right now because I am the one who killed the minotaur and not her. She grabbed my neck, pulled me into the girl's bathroom, and tried to give me a swirly. I don't know how, but when I pushed her into the wall, water came out of the toilets and forced her out of the bathroom. She was soaking wet, but I didn't get a drop on me.
  • The gods' Vow

    The gods promised never to have children with humans, because the kids they had were causing too much trouble. Zeus broke the vow.
  • Percy's Quest

    Percy has to go on a quest to find Zeus's master lightning bolt because it was stolen. If he doesn't get the bolt back to Zeus before the summer solstice, chaos will rule.