Personalized Timeline

Timeline created by Nicole Alvarado 9B
  • Birth.

    On this day I was born and this made my whole family very happy.
  • First steps.

    First steps.
    On this day I began to be able to take steps without help.
  • First vacation.

    First vacation.
    That day was my first time on the beach, although I don't remember much, there are many photos of that day in which I find myself very happy with my brothers and my parents.
  • Baptism.

    At almost a little over 2 years old, they took me to the church where a large part of my family was to share the moment.
  • First day of school.

    First day of school.
    On that day I was very excited about having new friends, but at the same time sad about not wanting to separate from my mom.
  • Bitcoin.

    Created to be used with complex code to create a unique and verifiable currency that can be traded online and used to buy.
  • My 5th Christmas.

    My 5th Christmas.
    On this day I went with many of my cousins ​​and uncles to a park where they usually decorate it with many lights, I rode in many games and ate too much cotton candy.
  • Transition title.

    Transition title.
    I remember this day and the previous ones a lot, I was so excited that that day would come and that my mother put those flowers that I liked so much.
  • First visit to the circus.

    First visit to the circus.
    With already several years. I went to a circus that was very close to my house, we took advantage of the fact that almost all my family had come to visit for a good day.
  • They modify human genetics.

    They modify human genetics.
    For the first time in history, a team of Chinese scientists modified, for the first time in the history of medicine, the genetics of a human.
  • First pet.

    First pet.
    That day I was very excited because my dad was going to bring a dog, for years my brothers and I asked for a pet but they did not listen to us, until one day they gave one to my dad and he brought it to us.
  • Primary grade.

    Primary grade.
    In those years, the obligation to have the primary degree had been canceled, so we raised funds to carry out our own ceremony and party, we really enjoyed the company of our parents.
  • First photo of black hole.

    First photo of black hole.
    The American Association's Science magazine called it the "Discovery of the Year" because it is that region beyond which not even light can escape.
  • 14th birthday.

    14th birthday.
    This day was a weekday, many people could not come, however, I had a great time and danced a lot.
  • Carnival.

    This day my family a little distant, we decided to meet on this day and share laughs and very funny moments, we were together almost a full day.