Peter Samson Timeline

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  • Birth

    Peter Samson was born in 1941 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts ("Peter Samson", Wikipedia).
  • MIT

    Samson was accepted into MIT as an incoming freshman this year. It is here where he will be introduced to the TX-0 and the PDP-1 computers ("Peter Samson", SoldierX).
  • The Tech Model Railroad Club (TMRC)

    The Tech Model Railroad Club (TMRC)
    While still only a freshman, Samson was introduced to the TMRC during the fall, and decided to join the club. It is here where he helped develop important software and write unique code, ultimately solidifying his love and curiosity for computers. He is now officially a hacker ("Peter Samson", Computer History Museum).
  • TMRC Dictionary

    Samson created the TMRC dictionary during this year. While this was only a first edition, it was an essential asset that helped define who the people in the TMRC actually were ("TMRC", MIT).
  • Spacewar!

    This was the first multiplayer video game created on computers for computers. Samson and Steve Russell both contributed to this incredible feat in technology ("Peter Samson", Computer History Museum).
  • TJ-2

    Published the TJ-2 this year.The TJ-2 (Type Justifying Program) was thought to be the first page layout program. It made writing code much easier, because it could be written in English ("TJ-2", Wikipedia).
  • Digital Equipment Corporation

    Digital Equipment Corporation
    He joined the Digital Equipment Corporation in this year, and helped with the development of the PDP-6 computer's design. He also helped create the first FORTRAN compiler for the PDP-6 ("Peter Samson", Computer History Museum).
  • New York Subway Race

    New York Subway Race
    Samson won a contest that required him to ride the New York subway system in the fastest way possible. Using the PDP-6, he, along with Mr. Arnold, created a program that helped them figure out the quickest way ("Peter Samson", Computer History Museum).
  • System Concepts Incorporated

    Samson became the Director of Marketing and Program Development here in this year. It is here where he would later create the Samson box (“Peter Samson”, Computer History Museum).
  • Chinese-Character Digital Communication System

    Chinese-Character Digital Communication System
    While working at Systems Concepts Inc, Samson programmed the first Chinese-character digital communication system ("Peter Samson", Wikipedia).
  • NASA

    Samson not only was still the director at System Concepts, but he also was now in charge of the manufacturing of hardware products that NASA would use ("Peter Samson", Computer History Museum).
  • The Samson Box

    The Samson Box
    This year Samson created a box that could output musical tunes. It was called the "Samson box" and it is known as the first music synthesizer that outputs audio from computers ("Experiences with the Samson Box", Stanford).
  • Period: to

    Samson Box Success

    During this time period, the Samson box was at its peak. It was commonly used for musical research among both student and professional composers, and it resulted in the creation of over 100 different works of music ("Experiences with the Samson Box", Stanford).
  • Autodesk Incorporated

    Autodesk Incorporated
    Samson retired from NASA in this year and began working for Autodesk this year. He helped design modules for animation and write scripting languages for them ("Peter Samson", Computer History Museum).
  • The Computer History Museum

    The Computer History Museum
    Samson is now a member of the Computer History Museum. He is on the PDP-1 restoration team, where he is tasked to restore the PDP-1 computer ("Peter Samson", Computer History Museum).