Pip vs. Me

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    Pip's Timeline

    TImespan may not be accurate because the novel "Great Expectations" only idicates the story took place in the early 1800s.
  • Pip meets the convict

    This is the fateful night when Pip meets the convict in the church graveyard, where he is terrorized to get some food and a file for the convict. This event is what gives Pip his later education to be a gentleman.
  • Meeting Miss Havisham and Estella

    Pip meets Miss Havisham and Estella for the first time at the Satis House. It was here where Pip suddenly became infatuated with Estella, and both Miss Havisham and Estella tried to (and successfully) torture the commoner boy.
  • Pip and Joe meets Jaggers

    Jaggers confronts Pip and Joe about Pip being a gentleman. This becomes an important event in the novel because it shows that someone had been his benefactor to get him enough money to be a gentleman. At first, Pip thought Miss Havisham was the benefactor.
  • Pip meets Herbert

    In Part II of "Great Expectations," Pip meets Herbert again, who he had fought in the garden of the Satis House a while back. They become really good friends immediately.
  • Pip meets Magwitch (again)

    Magwitch, the convict Pip met in the churchyard that fateful night when he was seven years old, shows up on Pip's door asking for a place to stay and hide. This is also when Magwitch reveals that he is Pip's benefactor.
  • Pip and Magwitch's Failed Escapade

    Pip and Herbert (along with Pip's other friends) try to help Magwitch escape away for good, but Compeyson ruins their plans by telling the authority what they were going to attempt to do.
  • Pip and Estella's Reunion

    After eleven years of not seeing each other, Pip encounters Estella again. He notices that she looks sad, and he knows about how Drummle had abused her greedily. They walk away as friends, and possibly something more.
  • The day I was born

    I was born into the world this day in the state of Ohio. This day is an important event in my life because it is the day that started my life. I was welcomed into the world, and thus, I changed my parents' lives because I wasn't supposed to happen until five years later.
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    Amy Nguyen's Timeline

    I've lived for 14 years and 364 days (it's a leap year), and these are seven of the most important events in my life.
  • C.F. Holliday

    C.F. Holliday is the name of the first elementary school I attended, and this school is located in Dayton, Ohio, where I lived until I was seven. I attended this school for only one year.
  • Moving to California

    This was the exact day I moved from Ohio to California. Although it was saddening to leave my hometown, I was kind of excited to see what life would be like in California
  • Walt Disney Elementary

    This is the exact day when I transferred to James Madison to Walt Disney Elementary. My cousin Brian Do would be in ALL of my classes for the next four years of elementary school.
  • Vacation to Ohio

    My family and I spent a week in Ohio for a vacation. This one weeks was extremely important to me because it was the first time in five years that I had been in Ohio at all.
  • Attending Oxford Academy

    I believe this is the day that all seventh graders of the class of 2015 began their junior high/high school lives at Oxford. This is a really important even because this is where I made a lot of friends, and everybody here is pretty much one big family.
  • DC Trip 2011

    This week is the one week where I spent Spring Break with my friends in Washington DC (and Virginia). It was an experience of a lifetime to get to see so many historical sites, as well as being able to cherish the memories with the friends who went with me.