Pixel Art - Angelo De La Torre

Timeline created by Angelodlt
  • Who invented Pixel?

    Who invented Pixel?
    A computer scientist named Russell Kirsch invented Pixel in 1957. It was the start of something amazing.
  • When did pixel art start?

    When did pixel art start?
    Pixel art was first published around the 1960's. But, it got it's original term by Adele Goldberg and Robert Flegal of Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in 1982.
  • What was the first pixel art game?

    What was the first pixel art game?
    The first pixel art game is Space Invaders. It was debuted in the year 1978 as 8-bit video game in Nintendo.
  • Why was pixel art invented?

    Pixel art was a way for developers to create certain images and computing sources at their point of time. Programmers had to make sure every that the image made sense.
  • Why is Pixel Art so popular?

    Pixel art games played a role in many people lives. It's a matter of nostalgia and it is still used in arcade; Even on mobile devices.