My life story ✿

Timeline created by Luisavaru
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in bucaramanga
  • Entrance to primary school

    Entrance to primary school
    My mom tells me that she was so nervous but excited at the same time to learn and make new friends.
  • First vacations

    First vacations
    My first trip knowing the sea with my family was very exciting and I remember it with great affection
  • Happy moments

    Happy moments
    I loved dressing up for Halloween every year with my sister.
  • A cute pet came to our home

    A cute pet came to our home
    His love is unconditional for the whole family.
  • Graduation!

    I graduated from technical assistance administrative high school
  • University entrance

    University entrance
    With perseverance and efforts I started my professional career.
  • Birth of my niece

    Birth of my niece
    The happiest day of my life, meeting and hugging her filled my heart with infinite love.
  • Funny trip

    Funny trip
    My first trip with my coworkers was a day full of laughter and anecdotes to remember.
  • Beautiful and cold place

    Beautiful and cold place
    That moment filled me with peace, feeling the fresh air that frozen my hands knowing that beautiful place, I was very happy
  • Visiting parks at Christmas

    Visiting parks at Christmas
    I love Christmas, and the way they decorate the places in the city where I live is very nice, and what better than visiting them together with my mother.

    I hope to fulfill my personal and professional dreams, to travel, to have my own house and to share with my family.