Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Timeline created by kroseland
  • Dad

    James was born July 16 1828 in Hyde park
  • mom

    Sara Delano Roosevelt was born in Sept. on the 21st
  • Birthdate

    Born on January 30th,1882, son of James and Sara Delano Roosevelt
  • political party

    political party
    Democrat its what he was grown into since he was little
  • school

    he attended groton school when he turn 14
  • Education

    he went to Harvard in fall 3 years later he got his bachelors degree
  • Marriages

    He married Elanor Roosevelt and they were cousins
  • first kid

    first kid
    Anna born may 3rd, 1906
  • second kid

    second kid
    James born DEC. 23, 1907
  • third kid

    third kid
    Franklin jr. died less than a year old
  • Paralyzed

    FDR was parlayed by polio at the age of 36
  • Senate

    he became new yorks senate in 1910
  • 4th kid

    4th kid
    Elliot born Sep. 23, 1910
  • fifth kid

    fifth kid
    Franklin Delano was his fourth kid
  • 6TH KID

    6TH KID
    john born march 13, 1916
  • Job

    he was a governor, lawyer, and a banker before he was president. from 1928 to 1932
  • News Event

    News Event
    The great depression started 1929 in wall street and lasted to 1939. It was a market crash that and every one go bankrupt and unemployed.
  • Programs

    He made the New Deals, The social security acts and the Wagner acts. To protect the people of america. He made laws from 1933 to 1945
  • Date elected

    Date elected
    FDR was president from 1933- 1945
  • 1st vice president

    1st vice president
    the first was John Nancy Garner but he left after his 2 term
  • News Event

    News Event
    Neutrality acts passed in the early thirty's
  • wagner acts

    wagner acts
    he passed them on july 6th for the united states
  • News Event

    News Event
    social security acts were passed allowing the nation to be safer
  • News Event

    News Event
    WW2 was the most deadliest and lasted 6 years
  • 2nd vice president

    2nd vice president
    The 2nd was Harry A. Wallace
  • News Event

    News Event
    Pearl Harbor was the bombing on Hawaii from japan
  • the last vice president

    the last vice president
    the last one was harry s. Truman who became the 33 president after FDR died
  • Date he left

    Date he left
    he left office in April on the 12th,1945 because he had died
  • location retired

    location retired
    Warm Springs, Georgia
  • Death date

    Death date
    he died from Cerebral hemorrhage While waiting for a photo