Qing Dynasty

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  • The beginning

    The beginning
    Manchus named their dynasty qing meaning pure and established their capitol at beijing
  • Period: to

    Kang Xi's rule

    This is the timespan of the emperor Kang Xi's rule over china.
  • The south is ours

    The south is ours
    The qing got control over southern china completely.
  • Period: to

    Qian Long

    This the timespan of the chinease emperor Qian Long's rile over china.
  • Trade expansion

    Trade expansion
    The emeperor of china dereed that trade with the west would be carried on only at the port of Guangzhou
  • china meet the british

    china meet the british
    The british representative Lord Macartney succeeded in reaching the chinease court, he brought presents for the emperor to show the kinds of products thast the chinease could hope to gain wider trade with british
  • Whoaaaaa

    population of 300,000,000 in china
  • Period: to

    late qing dynast

  • To the port

    To the port
    Emperor sent the chinease commissioner Lin Zexu as a special envoy to the port of Guangzho to bring opinion trade to end
  • Period: to


    Opium war- compelete defeat for the chinease
  • Period: to

    civilized or civil war

    complete full-scale civil war
  • Opium part 2

    Opium part 2
    the second opium war broke out
  • rebels

    rebellion supresse
  • china vs japan

    china vs japan
    china went to war with japan over korea
  • Kid are our future

    Kid are our future
    Young chinease emperor attempted to install modernization programs in education, goverment, agriculture, and millitary
  • what a population

    what a population
    in the 19th century the population of china rose to 400,000,000
  • thats bad!!

    thats bad!!
    revolution broke out
  • Abdication

    the emperor abdicated