Timeline created by ditzler1965
  • Box of Chocolates

    Box of Chocolates
    The first finished quilt of the year. Box of Chocolates is made with a collection of brown and teal fabrics.
  • Wrapped in Paisley Jellyroll quilt started

    Wrapped in Paisley Jellyroll quilt started
    This jelly roll was a Christmas gift so I am making ME a quilt. The fabric is Wrapped in Paisley by kansas Troubles and the colors are rich and warm.
  • Hazel's Diary quilt top done

    Hazel's Diary quilt top done
    This was a quilt along found at http://hazelsdiary.wordpress.com/
    It was a one year project reading the life of a 15 year old in 1951. Too fun! The quilt is a gorgeous pattern.
  • Wrapped in Paisley top done

    Wrapped in Paisley top done
    This is the fastest top to make ever.
  • The demand for Delectable Mountains

    The demand for Delectable Mountains
    My 30s fabric has demanded that I begin a quilt with them. They requested Delectable Mountains so I am just making the first blocks. Don't know where this will go.
  • Civil War Quilt along, first cut

    Civil War Quilt along, first cut
    I am goig ahead with making these blocks, though it will probably take YEARS to finish the, The weekly instructions can be found here: http://civilwarquilts.blogspot.com/
  • Hello Betty top

    Hello Betty top
    Schnibbles quilt pattern Roundabout using 2 Hello Betty layer cakes. Off to be quilted.
  • Gates Baby Quilt

    Gates Baby Quilt
    I started a baby quilt for a co-worker. It is using an Irish Chain variation and will have embroidered blocks. The designs are from Designs by Juju. She always has such cute stuff.
  • Hoffman Swap top

    Hoffman Swap top
    FINALLY. It has taken 11 years to finish this top. The blocks are from a swap we did while stationed in Dover, DE.
  • Wrapped in Paisley DONE

    Wrapped in Paisley DONE
    Pieced, bound, done!!
  • Hazel's Diary DONE

    Hazel's Diary DONE
    It turned out wonderful. Custom quilted by Jan Barnett.
  • Crazy Block quilt DONE

    Crazy Block quilt DONE
    This was made from all scraps in my bins of 1.5 inch strips. It is just a fun quilt.
  • Love is in the Air DONE

    Love is in the Air DONE
    This quilt pattern can be found on modabakeshop.com. It is called Avignon Picnic. It takes one jellyroll and I used Love is in the Air by Deb Strain.
  • Steeler's Quilt

    Steeler's Quilt
    Dad is a huge Steeler's fan so this is a quilt for his birthday in July. I am making divided 9-patch blocks.
  • Hello Betty DONE

    Hello Betty DONE
    The Hello Betty layer cakes are off-set with a black binding. Quilted by Jan Barnett.
  • Layer Cake QAL top

    Layer Cake QAL top
    This was a fun quilt along from Moose on the Porch Quilts. It was about 6 months in the making. The layer cake I used was Origins by Basic Grey.
  • Max and Whiskers started

    Max and Whiskers started
    I love Max and Whiskers by basic Grey. It is such fun fabric. I am making Avignon Picnic from the Moda Bake Shop.
  • Shipped out for quilting

    Shipped three quilts to Jan for quilting:
    Hoffman challenge
    Jewel Stars
    Layer Cake QAL
  • Saturday Sampler started

    Saturday Sampler started
    The set of 2003 Saturday Sampler blocks was given to me from a friend. It has been sitting on the shelf for about three years now. Time to start on it.
  • Take 5 with Figgy Pudding

    Take 5 with Figgy Pudding
    Saturday Sew-in
    Made the center for Take 5 using Basic Grey Figgy Pudding. Need to add the borders for the finished quilt.
  • Mardi Gras 4 Patch Started

    Mardi Gras 4 Patch Started
    Started blocks for 4 patch Posey Quilt using Mardi Gras themed fabric.
  • Courthouse Steps top done

    Courthouse Steps top done
    Top completed for my first leader and ender quilt. Courthouse Steps made with 1.5 inch scrap strips.
  • The Summer Quilt Started

    The Summer Quilt Started
    I need to make a king sized quilt for my bed. This quilt uses Perrennials fabric by Kansas Troubles.
  • Laycake Quilt Along DONE

    Laycake Quilt Along DONE
    LCQA done with Origins by Basic Grey. Quilted by Jan Barnett.
  • Jewel Stars DONE

    Jewel Stars DONE
    Made using scrap batiks. Quilted by Jan Barnett.
  • Hoffman Block Swap DONE

    Hoffman Block Swap DONE
  • Max and Whiskers top done

    Max and Whiskers top done
  • Mardi Gras 4 Patch top complete

    Mardi Gras 4 Patch top complete
    4 Patch Posies pattern using a mardi Gras fabric. Very pink!!
  • Crates to Dye For started

    Crates to Dye For started
  • Figgy Pudding Take 5

    Figgy Pudding Take 5
    Take 5 pattern using Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey
  • Quilts sent

    Four quilts off to be quilted:
    Max and Whiskers
    Mardi Gras
    Courthouse Steps
    Figgy Pudding Take 5
  • Flannel Days quilt started

    Flannel Days quilt started
    Wonderful fabrics. Log Cabin pattern
  • Russia Dolls started

    Russia Dolls started
  • Schnibbles Plan C

    Schnibbles Plan C
    Using Kashmire IV layer cakes
  • Crates to Dye For top done

    Crates to Dye For top done
    Great Moda Bake Shop pattern. Done with hand dyed fabric.
  • Russian Dolls top done

    Russian Dolls top done
    Made with the 4 patch poseys pattern
  • Max and Whiskers DONE

    Max and Whiskers DONE
    Max and Whiskers fabric by basic Gray
    Pattern: Avignon Picnic at the Moda Bake Shop
  • Four Patch Mardi Gras DONE

    Four Patch Mardi Gras DONE
    This quilt is done with the Four Patch Posies pattern. The print is one that has lived in my stash for years. Quilted by Jan Barnett
  • Figgy Pudding DONE

    Figgy Pudding DONE
    Take 5 pattern with Figgy Pudding by Basic Gray
  • Plan C top done

    Plan C top done
    Schnibble Plan C pattern with Kashmir IV fabrics
  • LilTwister top started

    LilTwister top started
    Test top using the Lil Twister rules. Me and my Sister charm pack
  • Twister ruler top completed

    Twister ruler top completed
  • Dino quilt started

    Dino quilt started
  • Dolphins Quilt DONE

    Dolphins Quilt DONE
    Christmas gift for a Miami Dolphins fan
  • Schnibbles started

    Schnibbles started
    The pattern calls for a red background, but I chose black with batiks
  • Lillie Dino Quilt DONE

    Lillie Dino Quilt DONE
    This was made with an Ozark Tiles type pattern
  • Katie's Wedding Quilt done

    Katie's Wedding Quilt done
    Finally finished the wedding quilt :)
  • Crates Quilt DONE

    Crates Quilt DONE
    Love how it finihsed off. Binding is pieced from all the scraps.
  • Butterfly 4 Patch started

    Butterfly 4 Patch started
    Using the new Laurel Burch line. Gorgeous!!
  • 99 Quilt top complete

    99 Quilt top complete
    Made with pillow cases since Carl Edwards fabric is not to be found
  • Russian Dolls done

    Russian Dolls done
    Done and stolen by Sammie
  • Bandana Quilts started

    Bandana Quilts started
    I am making two of these. One with the 18 and one with the 99
  • Steelers XO

    Steelers XO
    This quilt is for Tonya and Brenton for Christmas this year. They are rabid Steelers fans
  • Butterfly Stack and Whack DONE

    Butterfly Stack and Whack DONE
    Gorgeous fabric. For a baby shower gift.
  • 99 Quilt DONE

    99 Quilt DONE
    Made with pillow cases. Kyle Busch quilting on top of the Carl Edwards design.
  • Started Stars with Kay

    Started Stars with Kay
    After a quilt shopping trip we each started quilts with our new purchases.
  • Plan C done

    Plan C done
    Completed Schnibble Plan C